New ways to relieve Joint Pain

Try this – you can buy it over-the-counter  (OTT


Don’t you feel a bit let-down when you find out


something – and all your friends know it already? !!

Well, on holiday I took a can of Deep Heat, and placed it near the top of my suitcase (for easy access).heat_spray


As soon as I arrived at the hotel, after the usual ‘Delay’ at the airport (seems par for the course these days), I opened my case and started spraying my aches and grumbling joints.

Hotel Don Paco - Seville - sun loungers

 sun loungers

Bliss!  That simple remedy packed a powerful punch.


For the future


Obviously, ask your CNS or GP is this is OK for you, and then use it to zap aches from lying on sun loungers, hard hotel beds, sitting too long on wooden chairs in the Piazza drinking sundowners, etc.


Don’t know if it would counter the effects of a  night under canvas at Glastonbury – but it worked for me on Holiday!

But when I tell friends, who also suffer Joint Pain – they smugly tell me they already use it!


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