Scandal over NHS data collection

Being pestered by cold calls ?


Could be NHS has sold off your details to companies

    700,000 NHS users have been caught this way.

 Private personal information on patients has been sold
off by the NH, .even after patients had opted OUT.

The NHS said we had to OPT OUT of their programme (information obtained from your GP)  – which thousands did.

Next thing is volume of nuisance calls increases – and whatever we do, we are still targetted.

Now the NHS admits that they haven’t had time, due to an unexpectdly high number of opt-outs, to remove our data befoer lists are sold by NHS.  Chairman of Health and Social  Information Centre  (the agency which sells off our date to insurance and other companies), has told MPs it hasn’t had time to process the high number who chose to opt out.

So even if you told your GP NO – your details have been sold off.

Leaving one to suppose that the NHS were so convinced they could sell off our private information without any complaint, that they had aready gone ahead – before Peers and MPs found out and kicked up a fuss.


Pulse Today

PULSE, the magazine for GPs, reports more trouble for the project. is the controversial attempt by the NHS to gather our medical data in an easy-to-access format.  Sold to patients as a life-saving service holding all their medical history in one place, it didn’t take long for people to suss out that this data would be a money-spinner for the NHS if it were sold to busnesses, companies, etc

We’re not selling this on say NHS

And announced that data on patients would only carry their D.O.B. (date of birth) and no name – but as Scotland Yard demonstrated to a group of journlists, with a D.O.B. anyone can gather useful information (to them) in six seconds.

The NHS refused to change their requirements, which would have made it more difficult for outsiders to access our medical information.  Now overseeing the programme has been handed over to a company who’s part of an overseas-based group.

111 and others

Having given a false name to 111, last tine I called – and had someone else phone me using this – I am VERY WARY of giving out true name, D.O.B. and addess to anyone.

if you RE 2ORRIED

At lease qive your GP’s surgery a letter saying you want to Opt out.  Then take a note of date, and if you are receiving nuisance calls, write to your MP to inform them.

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2 thoughts on “Scandal over NHS data collection

  1. Chris Bessell June 8, 2015 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Thanks for exposing this scandalous information . . . yet more loss of our privacy. No action will be taken against those responsible. We have no rights in this Big Brother world of UK 2015!

    • veriterc June 9, 2015 at 8:27 am Reply

      Thanks for reading this. The only answer we have is to let as many of our friends know as we can – and perhaps eventually we might get enough people alerted, so that the NHS will get back to looking after our health – not their profits!

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