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Dr. Grumpy has a very appropriate gripe


Things that make him grumpy


In his latest email,he says,

“I have nothing against doctors making money. Hell, I’m trying to do that myself.

So medical journals are full of ads offering ways for doctors to increase revenue. Some of them practical, some hokey, and some that really piss me off.

Like this one:

“I have nothing against doctors who are doing concierge work, or sinking money into tech stuff, or marketing their practice.

But what ticks me off about this ad is that of the 4 things they claim to offer, doing what’s best for patients is the very last thing listed”.

And good for him…….. he says

“If I ever reach the point where making money, investing in gadgets, or marketing my practice take precedence over doing what’s right for patients, I hope someone tells me it’s time to hang it up.

And if you’ve reached that point and don’t see a problem with it, than maybe you’ve forgotten why you became a doctor”.

No-one listens to Andrew Lansley

Over on this side of the pond, Lansley keeps on spouting his mantra about putting patients first – but no-one listens, least of all the NHS.

I have lost count of the conferences that are being organised by associations and entrepreneurs to grab some of the NHS ‘development’ cash that is floating past.  Each one purports to be about ‘putting patients first’.  And NONE of them has a single patient, or patient representative actually speaking.

But they will all make money for the organisers as the conferences regurgitate the bottomless pit of money available in NHS for ‘training’;  heaven forbid an actual patient gets up and tells the medics what WE want.  We are only patients. 


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I cannot give medical advice, but if you would like to contact me my email is

I am a Trustee of the Paul D’Auria Cancer Support Centre, based in Battersea, near Clapham Junction.  This is the oldest Centre, and welcomes “anyone who comes to our centre” – so you don’t have to live in Battersea – in fact we have a happy crowd who come through the doors from right across London, and further afield.

And I write books; these are some:  (all available on Amazon)

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – a totally non-medical look at what happens when you hear the diagnosis – and also applicable to those who have ‘ordinary’ breast cancer and don’t worry about margins, grades or stages, but just want to know what is happening to me now?  And what can I do for …….   published by Anshan  ISBN 978-1848290396

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About the Border Terrier – tells the truth about these greedy houdinis with a sense of humour.

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