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Cameron takes on Pensioners – and loses

Older people sitting on a sofa holding a banner reading "A great place to grow old".

David Cameron finds out

London’s Pensioners are a feisty lot –

Determinded to have their say about the NHS

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The Scarlet Pimpernel of the NHS

Whilst Reception committee waited

They seek him here ……  They seek him there

That Dxxxxxx elusive Minister

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UKIP and the NHS – Is its Manifesto user-friendly?

UKIP launch their Election Manifesto

And it says what most people would expect.UKIP logo.png

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Labour’s pledge for NHS

 Andy Burnham outlines Labour’s

plans for annual Cancer Treatment FundWelcome to my website

This would replace the Cancer Drugs Fund when it expires in March 2016, building on current provision to include non-pharmaceutical treatments such as radiotherapy and surgery. £50 million from a pharmaceutical industry rebate would be added to the existing Cancer Drugs Fund budget to create a new fund of £330 million per year.

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Cancer Charities get organised and Chat with a purpose

Election is hotting things up –

and charities realise Survivors need supporting!

It’s surprising how a forthcoming Election galvanises people into action – and now that Cancer Charities want us to go out and ‘fight’ for what is needed – they are realising that it is survivors who are most passionate about changing things for the better. and sp there is a feeling that WE are useful – which thry knew – but perhaps giving us support will mean we are keener!  .Macmillan

This logo on the left is an old one – but really says what next year is all about. Electioneering!

Charities are going all out to get politicians activated. George Osbourne has been targeted by 38 Degrees, the online petition campaigners, and made to cough up  £2billion for  front-line NHS services.  He needs to be kept at it, as already there are signs that the money is coming out of another budget Continue reading

You’ve done it!

People Power does work


Whatever or whoever frightened the Treasury, it sent shivers up their spines, and made George Osborne announce £2 billion extra for the NHS.

The online Petition organisers, 38 Degrees, claim it was the thousands of clicks from their members that activated Osborne – with their Petition asking him to transfer fines levied on Banks over to fund the Service.  It won’t be the first time their massive voice has frightened the Government.

Or maybe analysing voters’ concerns in the two new UKIP constituencies had bashed loud gongs.

Whatever – Osborne has coughed up – we can’t start celebrating until April, when the money is dished out But then it will be time for celebrations.

And it doesn’t have to be Beer – mine’s a Tomato Juice but I can still celebrate!




Jaw Jaw and the Minister

Basic hospital mistakes in England cost the NHS

up to £2.5bn a year, admits Health Minister.desktop

NHS could afford to hire more nurses, if errors were cut out, according to Health Minister Jeremy Hunt’s calculations.  During a speech in Birmingham he admitted costs were incurred through problems like medication errors, avoidable infections after surgery, pressure sores, etc.

And last year the NHS spent £1.3bn on pay-outs on litigation,countering  poor care, etc., and Andrew Lansley’s massive re-organisation of the NHS is estimated to have cost about £10billion. Now there is widespread recognition that this was a massive waste, for no overall benefit – just extended waiting lists, more people forced to go privately, 6 months wait for a pain clinic appointment and so on.

A spokesman for the Royal College of Nursing said mistakes were the result of understaffed wards.  The nurses were doing an excellent job, but no-one listened to them and what was needed.  Now there are even less to point out what needs to be done.  Continue reading

Why an American organisation thinks the NHS is wonderful

Lies, damned lies, and statisticsnhs

Various people, incluing Winston Churchill, Mark Twain etc,  have used this phrase to express disbelief in statistics and figures.  And it sprang to mind when the NHS recently bombarded journalists with emails quoting a report issued by the Commonwealth Fund of America (weird title!).

The Fund’s website says it helps “people become more informed about their health care and improving care for vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, low-income families, minorities, and the uninsured” as it says on its website.

Remember this is directed at American people, whom the NHS always assure us live in drread of medical bills;   they have to pay medical insurance, which according to friends is about what they paid in taxes in UK. Continue reading

Flat Earth Society

nhsThe earth is round

Christopher Columbus had to go to extreme, and expensive measures, to prove ’tis so,  But when reading the pronouncements coming out of the stuffed shirt, tie-less politicians in Dept. Health in Richmond Towers, that meddle with the NHS, I think there are a lot of the original dinosaurs still around. Continue reading

Get rid of drunks in A & E – you can do it.

A drunk woman vomits, during a party in Zagreb...


A & E is not a place you want to linger –

and having to put up with drunks abusing staff and

making a racket is counter-productive.

So if you want to do something about it you will have the President of the  College of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Clifford Mann, right behind you/ Continue reading