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Is it safe to consult ‘Dr. Google’?

Are websites accurate and                                                                              informative?

Many doctors hate it if we say we have looked up something on Google – but with long delays to see a GP, how else can we get information whilst we wait for an appointments if we are anxious?Senior Couple on Computer - Vertical

Many patients say they don’t like to bother their doctor, and now a survey shows one in four of us trust Google more than the GP.  Frightening – but who can blame us?

My GP says he trusts his patients

listens to them, and says many of them know their own bodies best.  But then he is a private GP; Continue reading

Dept. Health sends out “reassuring” statement

Anyone had problems recently re accessing

English: NHS logo

post-cancer treatment?

Just thought I would let friends know, I too have been having problems. So contacted Dept. Health to know what we is official line (in view of Laurence Dallagio’s recent statement slamming NHS cancer treatment, etc.) what was “official” stand. Continue reading

Rugby star slams NHS

Good for Laurence Dallagio

Never afraid to tackle opponents on the Rugby field, he now takes on the might of the NHS.  And with

English: Lawrence Dallaglio Français : Lawrenc...

the following he has as an all-time sporting hero, he might be listened to. Continue reading

Ever wonder why nothing seems to improve at your local hospital?

Even though another layer of

“Administration” is now in place?

The incomparable Roy Lilley has another gem on the website, quoting from the HSJ :

“CQC hired inspectors who failed recruitment criteria in ‘flawed’ process”

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Continue reading

Zap that dry skin!

 Sun or drug side effects – both dry out skin


But my unscientific, unproven except by old wives remedy for dealing with this might help.


English: Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍


The usual happens after after a long winter of drugs, drugs and more drugs (wish doctors weren’t s


ready to prescribe) added to a few days of hot weather, have made me itch all over


So my favourite cure is to run a very warm bath (as hot as I can bear it – I know, I know I shouldn’t  do it i- but I did).  Just once desperate measures were needed. Continue reading