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Patient ARE right – respected King’s Fund slams NHS re-organisation

We were right!


King’s Fund think tank says the coalition government’s changes wasted three years, failed patients, caused financial distress and left a strategic vacuum.

But Labour# efforts before last election hadn’t gained praise either.

So why do we need Politicians running OUR Health Service?

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Dept. Health sends out “reassuring” statement

Anyone had problems recently re accessing

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post-cancer treatment?

Just thought I would let friends know, I too have been having problems. So contacted Dept. Health to know what we is official line (in view of Laurence Dallagio’s recent statement slamming NHS cancer treatment, etc.) what was “official” stand. Continue reading

Rugby star slams NHS

Good for Laurence Dallagio

Never afraid to tackle opponents on the Rugby field, he now takes on the might of the NHS.  And with

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the following he has as an all-time sporting hero, he might be listened to. Continue reading