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Contacts for cancer survivors

Survivors help themselves

The NHS has promised a list of helpful contacts when dealing with Long
Term Side Effects from cancer drugs – by 2018! !!

We need a list NOW.  The NHS says it can’t be done – so that got me started.  I asked around and here are some contacts.  I would welcome any names or centres to add. Continue reading

Cancer Survivors find out information for themselves – and where they find this


Survivors must help themselves

As UK has poor cancer survival rate compared with Europe
NHS has plans to help survivors – in the distant future    Continue reading

PAY more for NHS – getting health service on cheap isn’t working

UK way down in cancer survival rates

But cancer patients find old saying

You get what you Pay for     

Applies equally to medicine.

Continue reading

Granny needs her fighting boots – Cancer survival rates worse for elderly

OAPs still being neglected


They need someone to fight for them in hospital

As Gran was lying in the hospital ward, I asked the Doctor  “when will you operate?” Continue reading

IKEA shows NHS how to use technology

And mocks Apple

Sweden has a lot to offer us, from the

Karolinska Institute to IKEA

This YouTube video about a famous Swedish company

bears watching by NHS staff going mad for


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No wait in A and E


 How I avoided long wait nhs

Waking up, my leg was on fire.  Today of all days, it was Sunday and I was looking forward to a family party to celebrate a 100th Birthday.

About to steel myself for a long wait in A & E – which would mean missing the lift down to the gorgeous country hotel for lunch, I suddenly thought “How much do I want to go to the party?”  Answer – a lot. Continue reading

New Year – New treatment for winter-worn Hands

We all know about serums for the face

but did you know there is now one for Hands?

Beautiful hands anti-ageing serum

And it is made by the award-winning company Botanicals Continue reading

Festive food that is Good for you

fruitDon’t worry about what you eat –

There are lots of goodies we scoff that are good for you – in

Moderation! is an American newsletter that comes out with a digest of what’s most read over there, and has some sensible, seasonal advice.

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Labour’s pledge for NHS

 Andy Burnham outlines Labour’s

plans for annual Cancer Treatment FundWelcome to my website

This would replace the Cancer Drugs Fund when it expires in March 2016, building on current provision to include non-pharmaceutical treatments such as radiotherapy and surgery. £50 million from a pharmaceutical industry rebate would be added to the existing Cancer Drugs Fund budget to create a new fund of £330 million per year.

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