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Here comes the Sun – time to take cover.

Cancer patients can now get

Sunsreen on Prescription

So why don’t GPs tell us?

Here it is

Anthelios is an easily-aborbed cream (doesn’t sit in a white patch on your skin);  I use it on my face before I go out, even in Spring and Autumn (it seems to prevent lines on me) and is light and pleasant to use all over the body  – not sticky or ‘gunky’.

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Patient shows how to look after our skin

Watch out for Pot holes!

Riding along on my  bike, I land in one.

End up eating pain killers like sweeties!prescription_drugs

My skin looks like an angry Brillo Pad, so I need good skincare –

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Caring for hair – particularly with cancer

These tips might help prevent loss

Sent by another patient –

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