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Nottingham Events



from 5.30pm in ‘A’ Floor CLASSROOM – SCHOOL OF NURSING

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New Year Resolution

Forget about do-good resolutions

Indulge yourself flowers

– you KNOW it’s good for you!

If you are looked after by the British NHS, you have probably encountered the charming doctor who thinks worrying about your skin is all nonsense.  Asking for a cream to sooth your compromised skin, produces a patronising “you could try this” and a suggestion to use an old-fashioned gunky pot of thick gunge. Continue reading

Worst Elf jokes

All year I joked about the ‘Elf Service’

  •                                                                                                                                                         Now the team at Private Healthcare UK have sent these:
  • Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor?
    Because he had low “elf” esteem!

    Patient: “Doctor, Doctor I’m scared of Santa Claus.”
    Doctor: “I believe you’re suffering from Claus-trophobia.”

    Santa Claus: “Doctor, Doctor I feel so unfit.”
    Doctor: “I suggest you take some time off and visit an elf farm.”

    Patient: “Doctor, with all the excitement of Christmas I can’t sleep. What can I do?”
    Doctor: “Try lying on the edge of your bed, you’ll soon drop off.”

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NHS WASTING MILLIONS – so tries to blame patients for bad housekeeping

We need to WAKE UP

And challenge the Government’s spending.  desktop

Get a few housewives with guarded purses to manage NHS finances – or, revolutionary idea – bring in a few old-fashioned Matrons. Because behind our backs, secretly, Dept. Health are wasting millions of NHS/OUR money. Whistleblowers (how the Dept. Health hates them) have found So much money is spent by NHS, this could fund three major hospitals. Jeremy Hunt, our Minister of Health, may look relaxed here – but ;oes he care?  Enough to do something?  Not just blame us for missing appointments (Doctors tell me they love these – they can get on with paperwork ………. Continue reading

USA’s Mayo Clinic helps Brits with cancer survivorship check list for treatment information

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Cancer Charities get organised and Chat with a purpose

Election is hotting things up –

and charities realise Survivors need supporting!

It’s surprising how a forthcoming Election galvanises people into action – and now that Cancer Charities want us to go out and ‘fight’ for what is needed – they are realising that it is survivors who are most passionate about changing things for the better. and sp there is a feeling that WE are useful – which thry knew – but perhaps giving us support will mean we are keener!  .Macmillan

This logo on the left is an old one – but really says what next year is all about. Electioneering!

Charities are going all out to get politicians activated. George Osbourne has been targeted by 38 Degrees, the online petition campaigners, and made to cough up  £2billion for  front-line NHS services.  He needs to be kept at it, as already there are signs that the money is coming out of another budget Continue reading

Cancer Survivors finally being listened to when drug side effects hit

But why has it taken so long to help with drug side


Especialhy those with heart problems

It’s taken many years…… but finally ‘they’ are listening to usheart

Today, anyone battling with long term side effects from cancer treatment, is finally being listened to.  If you have heart problems, neuropathy, osteoporosis, lymphoedemia, dry dry skin, and other problems which turned up after treatment, and one dealt with alone, you are being taken seriously.

No longer do oncologists pooh pooh these conditions and blame them on your age, the menopause, or anything else to fob us off.

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You’ve done it!

People Power does work


Whatever or whoever frightened the Treasury, it sent shivers up their spines, and made George Osborne announce £2 billion extra for the NHS.

The online Petition organisers, 38 Degrees, claim it was the thousands of clicks from their members that activated Osborne – with their Petition asking him to transfer fines levied on Banks over to fund the Service.  It won’t be the first time their massive voice has frightened the Government.

Or maybe analysing voters’ concerns in the two new UKIP constituencies had bashed loud gongs.

Whatever – Osborne has coughed up – we can’t start celebrating until April, when the money is dished out But then it will be time for celebrations.

And it doesn’t have to be Beer – mine’s a Tomato Juice but I can still celebrate!