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New ways to relieve Joint Pain

Try this – you can buy it over-the-counter  (OTT


Don’t you feel a bit let-down when you find out


something – and all your friends know it already? !!

Well, on holiday I took a can of Deep Heat, and placed it near the top of my suitcase (for easy access).heat_spray


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Pain relief – and exercising sensibly

You don’t need expensive equipment to get better

Looking round the Gym of a the very VIP hospital where i wa being treated – I did wonder at the lack of expensive equipment.  I had been sent there by my specialist to get help with joint pain, pain in spine,

Personal trainer monitoring a client's movemen...

Personal trainer monitoring movement Wikipedia

etc. after cancer.

The Gym was light, cheerful, and clean – but not many gizmos, except for a treadmill.  So I wondered at the lack of ‘toys for the boys’.

Until I was invited to a talk given by Mentholatum,  the firm that manufactures Deep Freeze and Deep Heat.  And then the words of a speaker started to make sense.  Toby Garbett modestly introducing himself as “I’m a Personal Trainer”, then we Continue reading

Ministers call for end to Medical Tourism

We can’t get ‘free’ hospital care when we go abroad

Fernandez Maternity Hospital

This could be my local A & E Reception

So why are we so generous to everyone here?

i’d ended up in an Austrian A & E.  Having fallen head first into a Holly Bush (as one does). Continue reading

Second opinion – and further

Another post from the American Doctor Grumpy



If ever British GPs have a moment of envy over their American colleagues, this might make them think:



I Need a Doctor

I Need a Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Grumpy writes: “I’m with a new patient.



Dr. Grumpy: “What did the MRI show?”



Mr. Triad: “I’m not sure, my other neurologist said…”



Dr. Grumpy: “Wait, you have another neurologist?”



Mr. Triad: “Actually, I have 2 others. I saw both of them earlier this week.”



Dr. Grumpy: “Why are you seeing 3 different neurologists?”



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Mary Berry fans – get baking for cancer

 Making money for charity



German chocolate cake from a bakery

Aga-Queen Mary Berry has enticed us back into the kitchen.  Fans of this delightful cook(she doesn’t swear or flirt with the camera – perhaps that’s why she is so popular?) have been encouraged back into the kitchen, to revive long-lost cookery skills.

Why not follow the trend, and bake for charity?  Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party, or Breast Cancer Care’s Strawberry Tea, Prostate Cancer’s Tea for Victory, the Yorkshire Tea Party and Mad Hatter Tea Parties – there is something for everyone, and all for cancers.

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Patients DO know best

Now doctors agree

Pulse is THE magazine that goes out to GPs.  A recent issue had a fascinating article about letting patients refer themselves to Physiotherapy.

English: NHS logo


The article came up with the conclusion that doing this had “slashed care costs by almost a third compared with referral through a GP, a study by one NHS primary care service has found”.

Apparently the sensible folk in Barnsley introduced a self- Continue reading

Save money – go travelling!

T2 hopes to make experience better 

Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 opens this week, but let’s face it – air travel is no longer the glamorous experience of the 1950s. The brochure for the re-opening even has to use a  1950s photo of Maria Callas – today’s flying celebs look pretty awful in comparison.

But one good thing is you can save money by shopping for essentials at the

New T2

Airport, particularly if you fly out of the new Terminal 2.

The new terminal has been years in the planning – hopefully making the airport experience better, from more coordinated assistance, to saving money on buying our essentials.

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