Here comes the Sun – time to take cover.

Cancer patients can now get

Sunsreen on Prescription

So why don’t GPs tell us?

Here it is

Anthelios is an easily-aborbed cream (doesn’t sit in a white patch on your skin);  I use it on my face before I go out, even in Spring and Autumn (it seems to prevent lines on me) and is light and pleasant to use all over the body  – not sticky or ‘gunky’.

Anthelios is made by La Roche Posay, and approved by NICEAnthelios

And we are entitled to this on free prescription – but you may have to get your GP to look this up in the BNF.


‘Using’ Sun sensibly

Recently there has been a lot about our skins needing Vitamin D – provided by the sun.  If you are as confused as I am —!!  Look on the Sunsmart website.

What is the SunSmart campaign?

SunSmart is the UK’s national skin cancer prevention campaign, set up by Cancer Research UK to  provide evidence-based information about skin cancer and sun protection.

Cancer Research UK are working with many other groups to deliver accurate information across the country.

Sunsmart say Sunscreens should not be abused in an attempt to increase time in the sun to a maximum. Applying liberal quantities of sunscreen is “by far the most important factor for effectiveness of the sunscreen, followed by the uniformity of application” says Dr Kat Arney, Cancer Research UK’s senior science information officer. Studies  ” confirm what we already know. Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart Campaign has always said that sunscreen is the last line of defence in protecting skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

“Many people do not use sunscreen properly and do not reapply it regularly and after swimming. Some believe sunscreen is an invisible shield that will give them carte blanche to lie out in the sun all day,” she added.

“Our SunSmart campaign advises people to enjoy the sun safely and that the most important thing is not to burn. You can do this by seeking shade when the sun is hottest between 11am and 3pm, and covering up with a T-shirt, hat, and sunglasses. Finally, use factor 15 plus sunscreen.”

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