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Aussies provide good after-cancer care

NICE approves Australian products

– Cancer survivors take advantage

flexitol_prescription_hand_balm_75g_carton_tube_right_0Flexitol Heel Balm and Hand Balm is medically approved treatments for dry, cracked feet and splitting nails and hands. These were recently reclassified as a medical device by the NHS BSA pricing prescription division, and are part of a range of skincare products developed to help patients ‘Down Under’.

This means YOU can get these on

prescription – FREE!

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New Zealand cancer patients benefit from tailored skincare

So why don’t we get similar help?

English: Fern flag of New Zealand Amongst countries whose cancer specialists help their patients, comes New Zealand. Like other countries, patients there can confidently buy – or be prescribed – skincare that tailored towards their needs, which really help with side effects of cancer drugs. So why is it that we can’t get same in UK?  We may think NHS is envy of world – but is it? Continue reading

Why don’t UK cancer treatments learn from abroad?

World Health Organisation constantly places

UK at bottom of treatment tables

Why?  Asking NHS big-wigs just gets a shrug of the shoulders.

United Nations World Health Organisation logo

UN World Health Organisation Wikipedia .

But waking up with bleeding blisters all over my body, three days after starting Tamoxifen, acted as a wake-up call.

I went to France to find out why the French live longer than we do after a cancer diagnosis (average 4.6 years) and if they were any better at giving helpful treatment.

I had been told by a top Oncologist “it’s your age” that caused the bloody blisters – and felt sure that was wrong.

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