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Please Shut Up! Leave NHS alone!

Paperwork is burying NHS

Yes, there is a lot wrong with the NHS, but the service must be doing  something right because now Dept. Health now complain people are so healthy they live longer!
Does nothing satisfy those living in Richmond (Ivory) Towers – a.k.a. Dept. Health?

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Do those at Dept. Health live in real world?

When will they learn it takes time to read a


Bombarding GPs with paperwork, surveys, and whatever idea nhsbright sparks at Richmond Towers had in the bath this morning, is counter-productive.

Latest idea is GP practices’ risk assessments will be published on the Government’s Trip Adviser-style website ,just unveiled, which health secretary Jeremy Hunt said will allow ‘patients to compare the performance of their local GP surgery’.

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 This is a totally non-PC message, and NOT to be followed.image of pills and thermometer                                                                                                But those of us who have had cancer realise that if we didn’t laugh at all the black humour that crops up –                                                                                                                                             WE’D GIVE UP!
PLEASE don’t read on if you are of a nervous disposition.

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Update on “Is there anything else you can do to look after your skin?”

Adding a few simple rules to sensible care

=  younger-looking skin

A recent survey showed living in the countryside means less pollution – and concluded this is better for our skin. But what can those of us who have to live in towns58809_xl-2 and cities do to protect our skin?

Actually, looking at cousins who live in the country, I really don’t envy them their skin.  They may have less pollution, cleaner air, etc. but if  you don’t take care of your skin (and it seems often they don’t) you will end up with wrinkles, pasty skin etc. Continue reading

Europa Donna is 20 years old

And Celebrates with a partyeudonna-4452f

Founded to spread the word about good care and treatment for Breast Cancer  across Europe, the organisation has now spread right across the Continent and into neighbouring countries -from Albania to Uzbekistan:  over 40 and increasing/
Their events are always interesting:  this is where one can go to meet the top “breast cancer” brains, with no country barriers.  Members are only concerned with what is best for care, and talking to their officers is a refreshing change from  the UK docs looking down their noses at me! when I mentioned I had heard about certain treatment in another country,
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Help for Bad Hair Days

Christine K. CliffordJason to the rescue

What is it about the drugs ‘they’ put us on, that gives us straw hair?  I was getting fed up with my thatch (It’s all right for Boris, but not for me thank you).  Then a friend told me about Jãsön.

It’s a shampoo and matching conditioner – and it’s working a treat!  At last I can brush my hair, without despairing of the way it won’t settle down.  I can even bear to look in the mirror and actually see a shine – unexpected bliss! Continue reading