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Scandal over NHS data collection

Being pestered by cold calls ?


Could be NHS has sold off your details to companies

    700,000 NHS users have been caught this way.

 Private personal information on patients has been sold
off by the NH, .even after patients had opted OUT.
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Fatigue – or Systematic Exertion Intolerance Disease

Is this where you would like to be NOW?

Beds Buying Guide

John Lewis calls this a Sanctuary

Cancer patients suffering Fatigue

often want to be there

You are not alone.

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Manchester’s getting a health budget – could this mean the rise of people power in rhe NHS?

Manchester gets control of NHS BudgetCoat of arms or logo

Way forward for ‘new’ NHS using Patient Power?

Manchester Evening News spills the beans

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Look After your Heart especially if you are a cancer survivor

Mayo-clinic-logo.pngMayo Clinic warns on

Cancer treatment and the heart

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After Ashya – what’s next for Proton Beam Therapy treatment in UK

UK is finally to get high-tech


Image result for proton beam therapy machine
And it’s a private company
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Cancer Survivors finally being listened to when drug side effects hit

But why has it taken so long to help with drug side


Especialhy those with heart problems

It’s taken many years…… but finally ‘they’ are listening to usheart

Today, anyone battling with long term side effects from cancer treatment, is finally being listened to.  If you have heart problems, neuropathy, osteoporosis, lymphoedemia, dry dry skin, and other problems which turned up after treatment, and one dealt with alone, you are being taken seriously.

No longer do oncologists pooh pooh these conditions and blame them on your age, the menopause, or anything else to fob us off.

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Do those at Dept. Health live in real world?

When will they learn it takes time to read a


Bombarding GPs with paperwork, surveys, and whatever idea nhsbright sparks at Richmond Towers had in the bath this morning, is counter-productive.

Latest idea is GP practices’ risk assessments will be published on the Government’s Trip Adviser-style website ,just unveiled, which health secretary Jeremy Hunt said will allow ‘patients to compare the performance of their local GP surgery’.

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Why an American organisation thinks the NHS is wonderful

Lies, damned lies, and statisticsnhs

Various people, incluing Winston Churchill, Mark Twain etc,  have used this phrase to express disbelief in statistics and figures.  And it sprang to mind when the NHS recently bombarded journalists with emails quoting a report issued by the Commonwealth Fund of America (weird title!).

The Fund’s website says it helps “people become more informed about their health care and improving care for vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, low-income families, minorities, and the uninsured” as it says on its website.

Remember this is directed at American people, whom the NHS always assure us live in drread of medical bills;   they have to pay medical insurance, which according to friends is about what they paid in taxes in UK. Continue reading

Questions need to be asked about NHS – and perhaps case of Ashya King will bring these out

Hurrah – Ashya’s parents are free

But at what cost? Missing Ashya King

  • How much did the ridiculous Police hunt across Europe, pursuing the family of Ashya King cost the British taxpayer?
  • How dare Cameron bolt the stable door, and now offer a cancer expert to advise the family?
  • and Why can’t EVERYONE IN BRITAIN have the same expertise offered when they need it – not just after a massive media campaign?
  • And why did a massive NHS organisation waste so much time hounding the King family, when all they had to do was listen to the father’s very reasonable requestsWatch the family on YouTube, see for yourself, and decide it this isn’t a very articulate, caring and intelligent family, well able to ask Oncologists questions, which they seemed reluctant to answer.

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Ashya – NHS too arrogant to help?

Will the NHS learn from this case – or will more patients be at risk?

Amongst all themedia hype, two aticles stand out.

The Daily Telegraph devotes its main page to Dr. Max Pemberton.  Pemberton is respected amongst medical journalists, and his weekly Health Feature is usually widely quoted.  He always speaks sense, and he has made me think with his article “Ashya Belongs in Britain”.  I don’t  in gree with what he says, but his is the first British medical voice that has come up with sensible, non-self justifiying comment on this sad case. Continue reading