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Winter weather needs good skincare

Now is the time to

Up your skin protection


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For the next few months we are going to be faced with scenes like this……

And this type of weather is not good for our skin, particularly if we are on pills which block off our body’s defense mechanisms.

So now is the time to stock up on goodies that help us defend our skin – and gives us protection from winds and cold.

So here are some Hero products to use in the battle against winter. Continue reading

Know your skincare facts and myths

Understanding the Hype

Skincare is vitally important, but the marketing gurus have taken over, and myths and legends are all around, often making it difficult when faced with making a choice in today’s bright and glitzy skincare and make-up stores.

So how do you separate Hype from Fact?

When you buy a jar of skincream, unless you have used this before, you are taking the contents on trust.

Which should not be, because skin care is a very important for men and women.  Skin is our largest organ, and often  the first to be ‘attacked’ when we are given a new drug to take.

But it can be vitally important – every time you look at the mirror and feel satisfied about how you look physically, the skin is the first thing that you see.  If that looks healthy, you feel healthy inside yourself.  So take a little time to find out about the Myths, and you are less likely to be taken in by the Hype.

And don’t mix skincare and make-up – one looks after your skin – the other adds definition to your face, and can cover blemishes etc. but ONLY if given a clean skin to work on underneath!

Drinking lots of water gives you beautiful skin Lack of water is bad for the skin, but drinking water to excess will not help it either. In fact, drink too much water and it is as bad for health as too little. Take time to know your body.  Measure how much you drink in a day – and keep to these guidelines – vary them if very hot or very cold (both of which can be dehydrating).  For an average person in a equable climate, 1.5 – 2 litres of liquid a day is what most dieticians advise.  And sorry – but drinking alcohol is not the best thing for your skin, neither is drinking very hot/cold liquids.

Don’t change the products you are used to
It is a common misconception that once you have found the skin care products that help you have a flawless, beautiful skin, you should not change them. The fact is that after 2-3 years, due to the aging process and all the changes in one’s life, but also due to stress, and different hormonal changes, our skin’s needs change too. Therefore, using the same products is nor advisable, and you should choose a new one more attuned to current needs.

Junk food, chocolates and fried food causes acne
Acne is caused by overgrowth of dead skin cells within the skin pores. Excess sebum production on the skin and proliferation of bacteria can also lead to acne. While reducing junk food is healthy for us, it is not directly related to acne.  However, one good side effect is the drugs that dry out skin can sometimes clear up acne.

Soaps are bad for the skin
‘Ordinary’ soap contain high amounts of sodium lauryl sulphates or cheap perfumes and is bad for the skin. However soaps are an excellent cleansing agent, and some skincare companies make specially formulated ‘soaps’ which are good for cleansing certain types of skin, such as soaps with lower percentages of SLES.  Soap is best used for cleansing hands – but keep hand cream by every basin in your house, and use it to replenish moisture in your hands whenever you wash them.

Sun clears out blemishes
Sun does dry pimples out temporarily. However, this can interfere with healthy skin cells and cause a worse breakout a few days later.

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing cream
If your skin is oily, you should know that it can dehydrate too. You need advice from an expert, so ask advice from a good skincare company’s representative in a major store.

Expensive skin-care products are best for the skin. When testing products that I mention on this website, I have generally found that the more expensive the product, the better it is at helping with our dry skins.  However, take a look at an expensive product.  If the packaging seems OTT, there is a lot of empty space in boxes, etc. then you ask yourself where the money went. Today, skincare is a massive industry, and most well-known brands will belong to a major company, even though for advertising purposes no mention is made of parent company.  La Roche Posay lost some fans when it decided it couldn’t handle the marketing, distribution etc. of its products, and sold out to L’Oreal.  This company has a wide variety of products amongst its brand names, and some customers weren’t happy as they equated L’Oreal with a less-favoured brand.  Still, good has come of this;  L’Oreal’s backing has enabled LRP to start applying for NICE approval, so that soon we will be able to obtain their products on prescription in UK, just as they do in France.  So when buying, check the price and  check the ingredients too.

There is no difference between moisturizing creams and eye creams
Eye creams (and neck and bust creams)  are completely different from the nourishing ones. The skin around the eyes is the first to give signs of aging, due to the fact that it is more delicate and it has to face a permanent activity as we blink about 10.000 times daily. This is one good reason for you to use a cream specially created for this area. Sometimes, applying a normal moisturizing cream for the area around the eyes can cause irritation.

Good Basics

get good professional help to recognize your skin type                                                                                                                             use the right skin care products for you                                                                                                                                                           proper diet and exercise can help you to achieve even more beautiful skin because it nourishes the skin with its needed vitamins.                                                                                                                                                                                                    sleeping at night can help to rejuvenate the skin naturally                                                                                                                      looking after your skin can help you avoid skin problems such as acne, blackheads and allergies

And don’t forget the most important thing is  to CLEANSE   TONE    NOURISH   twice a day.