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What IS happening to taxes – are they going to NHS?

Major Cancer Helpline

exercise cartoon

Advises “Go private”

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I cost the NHS money – and it serves them right!

Beware Changing GPs

   – or The Devil you Know ………

P. S.  Muck around with me, Mr. Hunt, and it could end up costing you !!!!

as I discover when NHS England makes a hash of GP services.

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NHS – Please can you leave us alone

GP records to be shared

(without patients’ permissionnhs)

To tackle ‘high cost‘ patients

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Why can’t the NHS use Ethnic background information sensibly

Am I Racist ?

Why doesn’t the NHS use tick-box surveys
for OUR benefit –

 not just meaningless statistics.

When I see someone approach with one of these clipboards, I bury my head in the nearest leaflet

Their questions seem designed to supply meaningless statistics to supply 

admin with meaningless stats to justify expenditure,   NOT to help us.

I have had Polio.  Last weekend I fell off my trike (as one does).

The Triage Nurse in A & E said I would have to wait a long time as they were very busy. Expecting this, I  asked if I could lie down on one of their trolleys – or a bed.  Explained I have had polio, and know I need to lie flat before my back siezes up.

No – “I have assessed you and you don’t need this”.

As my Polio specialist says (a Professor no less), “Polio patients have been living with polio for 50 years and know best what’s needed”.

I had to sit, hunched up, with my back getting more and more painful.

Finally, when it was my turn, I dived onto the cubicle bed and glared at anyone who wanted me to move – but seeing my face they let me be!

Next morning, I was in so much pain I couldn’t move – certainly not to return to A & E.  So phoned the GP’s surgery – and eventually get the out-of-hours locum, who promised a visit.

It wasn’t more than an hour later, when a charming doctor arrived – obviously from a country where polio is rife.  Assessing the situation, his eye-brows were rising higher and higher when I recounted what had happened in A & E, and he almost apologised for his colleagues’ mistakes. Changed my pills, and was full of sensible advice.

Why not make use of our diverse workforce?

Politicians love to spout phrases such as ‘diverse workforce’, ‘ethnic mix’. and all sorts of meaningless mumbo jumbo – to show how Britain welcomes the world t work here.

But none of it means a thing, when you are faced with a condition that could be well treated by doctors who know the disease – if only we could find them.

Several years earlier I had been bitten by a rabid dog whilst working in Slovakia.  Returning to UK I knew I had to start on a vaccination programme within 48 hours of being bitten.  But was told “we don’t have rabies in Britain”.  Finally the Hospital for Tropical Diseases told me they had run out of the drugs.  Luckily a friend phoned Colindale, and someone with a foreign-sounding name took in the situation immmediately, and things started to move like lightning.

Moving populations bring medical problems with them

Aid workers in Romania warned that due to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, we should be careful of TB.  Last year UK had over 7,000 cases.  We love to holiday abroad but there are still people who return with Malaria and other nasties, because we just don’t realise what waits out there (over 200 million cases last year).

So PLEASE Politicians – scrap those PR-correct, time-wasting questions that fill every form we have to fill out these days.

Instead, why not set up a register of doctors who have had experience of,  and understand, those diseases that we thought we never had, but now find WE DO.  We, 111, our GP and anyone else could then use the Internet to find someone with specialist knowledge living near – and I might have saved the NHS money by being treated properly when I ended up in A & E.


How to handle NHS inefficiency

111 comes up trumps

Call 111 when it's less urgent than 999

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Depression after cancer

nhsDealing with NHS ‘rules’

Makes me depressed

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Complaining about NHS – a.k.a. Beating your head against a brick wall


NHS are past masters at “dealing” with Complaints

They’ve got biggest carpet in the World nhs

to sweep them under

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Patient ARE right – respected King’s Fund slams NHS re-organisation

We were right!


King’s Fund think tank says the coalition government’s changes wasted three years, failed patients, caused financial distress and left a strategic vacuum.

But Labour# efforts before last election hadn’t gained praise either.

So why do we need Politicians running OUR Health Service?

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Granny needs her fighting boots – Cancer survival rates worse for elderly

OAPs still being neglected


They need someone to fight for them in hospital

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NHS WASTING MILLIONS – so tries to blame patients for bad housekeeping

We need to WAKE UP

And challenge the Government’s spending.  desktop

Get a few housewives with guarded purses to manage NHS finances – or, revolutionary idea – bring in a few old-fashioned Matrons. Because behind our backs, secretly, Dept. Health are wasting millions of NHS/OUR money. Whistleblowers (how the Dept. Health hates them) have found So much money is spent by NHS, this could fund three major hospitals. Jeremy Hunt, our Minister of Health, may look relaxed here – but ;oes he care?  Enough to do something?  Not just blame us for missing appointments (Doctors tell me they love these – they can get on with paperwork ………. Continue reading