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Carol Smillie and using seaweed to zap spots


When spots make your life a misery, simple

seaweed can offer help

Undergoing cancer treatment, some people are incredibly lucky.  The drugs they take dry up their skin from inside – making spots shrivel up and disappear.

For others, the spots go on, and there seem to be a constant supply of new zits and blackheads making life a misery.  For some even unluckier people, they suddenly develop crops of spots, and can’t get rid of them.

There is hope

Scientists have discovered a new use for seaweed, and it is helping clear up skins that suffer from these nasties.

Recently Carol Smillie and her daughter Christie were showing off their skins after using the new seaweed-based Oxy products to help control spot outbreaks.

Oxy Tube with fresh looking packaging

Produced by the Mentholatum company, (makers of Deep Heat and Regenovex), their scientists have been harnessing seaweed off the shores of Brittany, as a basis for the Oxy range.

Now Oxy products are being sold in major chemists – alongside their topical gels  such as Deep Freeze and Regenovex.  These do a good job of helping relieve pain and help mega-precious footballers – and cancer patients with aching joints.  So the ‘stable’ is a good one.

Dealing with Spots

We all think acne is something we get in our teens, and hope to grow out of.  Now, this company own the OXY brand of topical skincare treatments, designed to tackle spots, blackheads and excess oil.

For those of us with cancer – spots can be a horrid reminder of our teens as the spots make their unwelcome appearance again.

Seaweed – is this the new miracle ingredient?

Scientists are now using new methods to combat spots, and and a lot of research has gone into using seaweed to combat these nasties.

As a plant, I have been watching seaweed for some time;  it is probably the latest ‘miracle’ ingredient, judging by the uses companies are finding for those long tendrils.  A friend living in Brighton gathers the squishy brown tendrils when she goes for shore walks, then brings them home to add to her bath.  Soaking in the warm, seaweed infused water certainly gives her a gorgeous skin.

This time it is the Laminar or Laminaire (below) variety of seaweed the scientists are using, and also a type of brown seaweed that is helpful – but to get the benefits you need to do a bit more with it than just soak in the bath.

Those clever people at Mentholatum have been working with this at a works by the seashore in Brittany, France, and have now come up with Oxy skincare products that have proven very successful in trials.

I suppose I am lucky – my skin just dried out from cancer drugs, but sitting next to me at the Oxy product launch was a friend who had had  horrendous spots as a result of cancer drugs, and she was saying what a benefit it had been.

Celebrity Trials

Another one who is keen on this product is Carol Smillie, and her very pretty teenage daughter Christie.

Carol says “the fact that some of its key ingredient properties come from seaweed ……. I much prefer the thought that as a mum, my daughter is using a product which uses ingredients from nature.  My daughter is a normal teenager ….. loves to wear make-up ……  Christie’s been using the new Revitalised Oxy ranged for several months now, and it really has the desired effect”.

Oxy skin preparations contain several active ingredients, including Phycosaccharide – harvested  from brown seaweed along with others from the coast of Brittany.  According to Dr. Carrie Ruxton, this is also a rich source of potassium, sodium, magnesium and iodine – plus also being a good source of anti–inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.  She has been working on a double-blind randomised and placebo-controlled trial at the San Gallicano Institute and Acne Clinic in Rome.

As a result, Oxy has developed a brand new Oxy range, just launched in major chemists.  More info:


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Lipstick is the cheapest form of Retail Therapy

Give yourself a lift with lipstick

We all know  Retail Therapy gives us a lift –

and one of the cheapest ways I know of indulging is to go out and buy a lipstick.

And if it is a special organic one, made from natural ingredients, so much the better.

One of the most influential style bloggers in the world, Gala Darling, recently picked out      Living Nature’s Laughter Lipstick; in Gala’s opinion “the perfect shade” of pink.

Although Plum, Mulberry and ‘almost black’ are the IN colours, if you want to look alive and warm, then choose one of the deep pink or coral colours.  These are much more flattering in winter, especially if you suffer from the cold!

Listed in Gala’s recent blog on ‘Little Things That Make Me Smile’, Living Nature’s Laughter Lipstick is just the thing for those that love pink. The perfect dash of pink colour, reliable, long-lasting coverage and a special moisture-enhancing, all-natural formula that also benefits from being lead-free and so natural it’s even safe enough to eat!

Gala thinks it’s simply “the perfect shade”, and signs are that the Spring/Summer fashion collections were veering away from the strong, ‘vamp colours, and returning to a more natural colour.  And Living Nature’s Laughter Lipstick not only provides the perfect flash of colour but its special moisture-rich formula is also good for the delicate skin of your lips and its all-natural nature means it’s even safe enough to eat!  This is good news for those of us that wear lipstick regularly, as we’re estimated to accidentally ingest about 2.4 kilos of lipstick throughout our lives.

If, like me, you tend to lick or gnaw at hour lips – you might – or might not – like to look at the helpful diagram on the left!

And realise that it is kinder to us, our lips and our insides to choose one of Living Nature’s lipsticks with a  combination of vegetable waxes, Squalane and Vitamin E, to keep lips moist, nourished and soft.  Importantly though, they are some of the safest, most natural Lipsticks available, so much so they are certified natural by the world-leading independent auditor of natural skin care and cosmetics products, BDIH Germany.  As an added bonus, since there is no safe level for lead, Lipsticks from Living Nature are also lead-free.

Also available in nine other soft and subtle shades from nature, including Morning Sun, Warm Rocks, Sandstone, Coral Sea, Dawn and Dusk, Living Nature Lipsticks combine superior quality with exceptional performance and the added benefit of including only the safest, most natural ingredients available.   Part of the highly respected range of natural skin care and cosmetics products from New Zealand, Living Nature Lipsticks contain only natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients, none of which are irradiated or genetically modified; they are also free-from animal-testing.  Living Nature also takes a planet-friendly approach by using simple, recyclable packaging and all inks and papers are dioxin and chlorine free, allowing you to wear beautiful products knowing that not only are they good for your skin and your health but good for the environment too.

Stockist Information: Living Nature’s award-winning Lipsticks retail for £13.80 each and are available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores, by mail order and online.  For further information, contact Living Nature (UK) on 0845 2508455, email or visit the company website