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Look After your Heart especially if you are a cancer survivor

Mayo-clinic-logo.pngMayo Clinic warns on

Cancer treatment and the heart

If you have had cancer, their advice is to keep a check on your heart.  Continue reading

UKIP and the NHS – Is its Manifesto user-friendly?

UKIP launch their Election Manifesto

And it says what most people would expect.UKIP logo.png

Party Gurus have obviously listened to NHS staff, Patients etc Continue reading

Beat off winter winds with Oils

I’m a big fan of good quality

Oils for skincare

Particularly now is season for wind and rain chapping skin

And Living Nature, the New Zealand skincare range , providing natural and organic skincare, especially easily-absorbed oils, has some beauties.

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After Ashya – what’s next for Proton Beam Therapy treatment in UK

UK is finally to get high-tech


Image result for proton beam therapy machine
And it’s a private company
that will provide this Continue reading

Now it’s OK to eat Butter – what else is good for us?

Full Fat Milk and Butter are now OK

And for my money, British Jersey cows produce the best!jersey cattle society‘,

After years of telling us to eat ‘spreads’, the food police now say it’s OK to eat Butter – and in fact full-fat milk is probably better for us than skimmed! Continue reading

What to do when skin itches from medical drug side effects

What to do if your skin itches or erupts

A friend has just posted a pic of her itchy, bubbly skin on a social website;  I hope she has better care from Dermatologists than I had.

Three days after starting Tamoxifen, I woke up bleeding all over from bloody blisters.  Had gone to bed with OK skin, but this overnight eruption frightened the living daylights out of me.

Rushed to hospital, where the Head Dermatologist told me”it’s your age”.  Tried to question his diagnosis, but he swept out, saying he didn’t have time to answer questions.

Tourism, holiday & travel in La Roche-PosayLuckily, the Head Chaplain suggested I go to La Roche Posay, (LRP), the French centre for these types of problems. Phoning to find out if they could help, they brushed aside my awful French, and in charming English said they would be delighted to see me, asked searching questions and fixed me up, appointments and all to investigate my problem. Continue reading

Complaining about NHS – a.k.a. Beating your head against a brick wall


NHS are past masters at “dealing” with Complaints

They’ve got biggest carpet in the World nhs

to sweep them under

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Rattling NHS cages dealing with Cancer Survivorship

image of Verite Reily CollinsDEALING WITH DRUG SIDE EFFECTS                      is a problem for many of us.

Trying to find information, you could go to NHS CHOICES website –

Their suggestion is ‘Contraception’.

Try again – and up comes ‘Suicide’.

Definitely a ‘malfunction’ of the NHS’s £60 Billion IT system, but it could upset patients.  It’s not funny, and is NOT good enough for a publicly-funded Internet  service, dealing with a problem that affects  25% of cancer survivors. Continue reading

Patient ARE right – respected King’s Fund slams NHS re-organisation

We were right!


King’s Fund think tank says the coalition government’s changes wasted three years, failed patients, caused financial distress and left a strategic vacuum.

But Labour# efforts before last election hadn’t gained praise either.

So why do we need Politicians running OUR Health Service?

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Zap those Scars

Body Image Problems

Luckily I have never wanted to go Topless –

because if I did this today

I’d scare the living daylights out of anyone watching.

A Lumpectomy seemed a painless option – until several years later I am left with a lop-sided bust that could be mistaken for a map of moon craters.  Plus scars from remedial work, including a very sexy ‘cleavage’ scar  – result of 7-hour heart op from drug side effects.  So anyone having this op. should discuss options very carefully.

Ask what might happen in the future. Continue reading