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Patient shows how to look after our skin

Watch out for Pot holes!

Riding along on my  bike, I land in one.

End up eating pain killers like sweeties!prescription_drugs

My skin looks like an angry Brillo Pad, so I need good skincare –

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Glycerine – an old-fashioned cure for dry skin

Pear and Pink Magnolia Shower Gel
Pear and Pink Magnolia Shower Gel 250ml
is a lovely product – costs £15.00 – and £1 from each sale goes to Breast Cancer Care.

And it contains the old-fashioned ingredient – Glycerine.

This gently cleansing body wash contains purising glycerine and is soap free, for soft and silky smooth skin. The aroma of juicy pear and fresh pink magnolia sets a tone that’s invigorating yet sensual and soothing

  • Gentle skin conditioning benefts
  • Moisturises as it cleanses
    smells gently of juicy pear and pink magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus.

Glycerine has been around since 1779.  It was the Victorians who made extensive use of this extraordinary colourless ingredient’s properties – from using in explosives, to being a stalwart of their beauty regimes, used to keep ladies hands soft to impress poets.  Now it’s this latter property that is being used in the Shower Gel,




Beat off winter winds with Oils

I’m a big fan of good quality

Oils for skincare

Particularly now is season for wind and rain chapping skin

And Living Nature, the New Zealand skincare range , providing natural and organic skincare, especially easily-absorbed oils, has some beauties.

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What to do when skin itches from medical drug side effects

What to do if your skin itches or erupts

A friend has just posted a pic of her itchy, bubbly skin on a social website;  I hope she has better care from Dermatologists than I had.

Three days after starting Tamoxifen, I woke up bleeding all over from bloody blisters.  Had gone to bed with OK skin, but this overnight eruption frightened the living daylights out of me.

Rushed to hospital, where the Head Dermatologist told me”it’s your age”.  Tried to question his diagnosis, but he swept out, saying he didn’t have time to answer questions.

Tourism, holiday & travel in La Roche-PosayLuckily, the Head Chaplain suggested I go to La Roche Posay, (LRP), the French centre for these types of problems. Phoning to find out if they could help, they brushed aside my awful French, and in charming English said they would be delighted to see me, asked searching questions and fixed me up, appointments and all to investigate my problem. Continue reading

Zap those Scars

Body Image Problems

Luckily I have never wanted to go Topless –

because if I did this today

I’d scare the living daylights out of anyone watching.

A Lumpectomy seemed a painless option – until several years later I am left with a lop-sided bust that could be mistaken for a map of moon craters.  Plus scars from remedial work, including a very sexy ‘cleavage’ scar  – result of 7-hour heart op from drug side effects.  So anyone having this op. should discuss options very carefully.

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Update on “Is there anything else you can do to look after your skin?”

Adding a few simple rules to sensible care

=  younger-looking skin

A recent survey showed living in the countryside means less pollution – and concluded this is better for our skin. But what can those of us who have to live in towns58809_xl-2 and cities do to protect our skin?

Actually, looking at cousins who live in the country, I really don’t envy them their skin.  They may have less pollution, cleaner air, etc. but if  you don’t take care of your skin (and it seems often they don’t) you will end up with wrinkles, pasty skin etc. Continue reading

Does NHS make you lose will to live? Follow my example and counter with a little Luxury

Struggling with NHS bureacracy zaps will to live

So reward yourself

Neom – one of my favourite brands, has come up with a lovely Body Oil. Just in time to calm me down after 2 days battling the NHS for check-ups.

And no snotty-nosed friend or nurse neom2can possible object to it – the name says it all:  Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood Body Oil.  So if they say you shouldn’t use perfumed products, tell them Lavender was used as an antiseptic in military hospitals in WWI – so there!

As I smoothed this on after showers, it calmed me down.  And boy, was I simmering.  24 hours spent going round-and-round the NHS system, when I suddently found I hadn’t received recommended annual post-cancer check-ups, had driven me crazy,  NHS England sent me off to PALS, CCGs – and any organisation they could fob me off to. Continue reading

Doctors could be wrong – don’t worry if they can’t help with skin conditions

LP15122_bigCan’t work out why your skin itches?


When introduced to Tamoxifen, I woke up one morning to find I was bleeding all over from bloody  blisters.  This had been an extreme reaction to the drug, explained by doctors as “it’s your age”.  Luckily the hospital Chaplain suggested I went off to France, where they admitted this was a common side-effect from Tamoxifen – and gave me superb creams and balms to sort out the problem.

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Tricks to making yourself look good

Making yourself look good

I have been bouncing around my local streets – which is a bit scary as I walk like a drunk due to Neuropathy – but neighbours are forgiving, particularly when they

1957 Vintage Beauty Ad, Woodbury Dry Skin Cream

see the broad grin on my face.

Why?  Because beauticians have been telling me I have nice skin – and when a nurse asked me for the dreaded Date of Birth – and then looked at me. raising her eyebrows and looked sceptical, I realised that my face was looking quite good. Continue reading

Welcome Spring with soft Skin

NHS needs to read report ‘Cured – but at what cost’

Highlights long-term side effects Tamoxifen 

Recently, cancer charities issued report on long-term side effects of just ONE drug: Tamoxifen.

Stick model of the tamoxifen molecule, as foun... 

Shockingly, it said HALF A MILLION cancer patients suffer major problems from long-term side effects of Tamoxifen – but had been ignored for a decade Some even report problems lasting years after they stopped taking the drug.  So it’s not just the effects of Winter`: research in US says patients could have side effects for 20 years or longer.

Yesterday, I tried to ask my GP for help in dealing with these – in particular my dry, itchy skin.  GP just looked blank.  ‘They’ blame us for surfing the net – but they could do some themselves and find out what is out there.

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