Zap that dry skin!

 Sun or drug side effects – both dry out skin


But my unscientific, unproven except by old wives remedy for dealing with this might help.


English: Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍


The usual happens after after a long winter of drugs, drugs and more drugs (wish doctors weren’t s


ready to prescribe) added to a few days of hot weather, have made me itch all over


So my favourite cure is to run a very warm bath (as hot as I can bear it – I know, I know I shouldn’t  do it i- but I did).  Just once desperate measures were needed.



Then it was a deep cleanse for my face, tone, and then slap on a lovely thcik layer of Renewal Shea Skin Cream, made by Ruby Red on my face, and sinkinto the bath.


Whilst the steam from the water helped the Skin Cream soak in, I could think that this was doing me a lot of good.  I was using their No. 3 cream, made with extracts of Lemon and Honey, which are both good for the skin.




About Ruby Red

Ruby Red is a British brand, who use natural plant ingredients combined with natural fragrance “to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant”. Ths is a new generation botanical beauty for men, women and skins Young users (often neglected when it comes to providing effective skincare for cancer patients.

The range utilises botanical ingredients which are beneficial for all ages, but in particular teens and young adults with evolving skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin, it needs warming up first (either on the hot towel rail or in hot water) before smoothing on.  Although it’s a new brand, it is already in Harvey Nichols,Fortnum and Mason; specialist Natural retailers such as Planet Organic, and top Pharmacies such as John Bell and Croyden.Iit’s being going since 2002, and I know I will be looking out for more, especially with the sensible prices! When I stepped out of the bath, the cream had sunk in, and my skin looks extremely reasonable (friends say I do look well!)

(but don’t repeat the hot bath too often, but you can use the Shea Skin Cream every night).


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