Facials should be on prescription for cancer survivors!

When your face glows – it makes you feel good

One day scientists will be able to measure the good a facial actually does for us.

In the meantime, when I interview patients, I am beginning to realise that those who go off for a facial or body massage about once a month, seem somehow better at facing up to cancer survivorship and the things this throws at us.

This makes sense.  We can either go off for counselling sessions, or decide to let someone work their magic on our bodies while we drift away.  Since the time of Hippocrates, massage has been acknowledged to do good.  So – as  my tolerance levels were getting low, and energy had gone out the window – it was time to head for charming little Lancashire Court, in between Brook Street and Bond Street in the heart of Mayfair. The moment my feet hit this cobbled mews, I begin to escape from the world, and imagine what it was like when people lived here, and stabled their horses behind their grand houses.

Handel must have kept his horses here;  recently Jimi Hendrix lived in Brook Street next to Handel’s House, and I imagine he would have kept a car here.  The Mews has bars, brasseries and restaurants, spilling out of what were once the stables, so if you have time you can sit out on the cobbles and have something to eat before your appointment.

I never know which of the treatments to ask for – I always say I have cancer-stressed skin, and leave the Elemis  therapists to work their magic.  This time they suggested a Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial – an anti-wrinkle treatment with fantastic results.  It always manages to plump up my skin, I come out looking younger – really – and a week later I am still feeling how soft my skin is.

Sometimes people say a facial is pure indulgence! Sensible patients realise that it is vitally important to look after your facial skin. it is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, and if it gets cracked, it gives an open invitation to encourage infection and other problems. Hormonal drugs generally dry out facial skin, so it needs feeding from within and without.  Also, we get a ‘build up’ of fluids under the skin, and these need drainage.

I always start out thinking I am going to take note of what happens – then within five minutes I am in a state of suspended animation, floating away, and can never remember a thing.  Very remiss of me as the therapists are excellent and have spend ages learning how to work on us, but it is their fault that I am left feeling so blissfully spaced out!  Anyway, the end always comes as a surprise, and like a dog I have to shake myself and get up.  There always is a down-side!

As I left, I did remember to book in for a full massage, which is one of life’s greatest treats.  This is giving me something to look forward to!  And to buy a jar of their body scrub, which manages to get rid of the nasty scaly patches, without irritating my skin – and leave it soft and smooth.

As I drifted off down the Mews, my stresses and strains had floated away – and I wondered why we needed so many drugs – a gentle massage had made all my problems disappear.  Let’s ask MPs which we can’t have  a prescription for a massage on the NHS!

Elemis day-spa
2-3 Lancashire Court

Tel.  020 7499 4995

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