Blood test for Breast Cancer – is this the answer?

Blood test kit
Image by ? Lee J Haywood via Flickr

Over Easter the papers were running a story on blood tests for Breast Cancer.

They reported that a Harley Street clinic are offering a simple blood test to detect early breast cancers.

After the long-drawn out libel case recently fought so successfully by Simon Singh (author of Trick or Treatment), one hesitates to venture an opinion – but here goes!

This test has been around since 2007, and one wonders why has it taken so long to be publicised?

Is it because NICE are doing their usual ‘heel dragging’ exercise, and taking that long to evaluate the test? One sympathises with Ian Gibson, the MP who did so much for cancer research, when at a cancer conference he questioned “what good is NICE?”

Or is it because currently the test is credited as being 75% effective, so putting it another way, one in four cancers WON’T  be detected.

But for those of you who are worried, the test, allied to a mammogram, could do a lot to alleviate concerns. It is carried out in a private Harley Street clinic, and you can arrange this through your NHS  GP.  If you ask for private treatment, they have to refer you, but you will have to pay the cost of £499, and any extras.

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