Little bottle that zaps itchy skin

Sasy n Savy is new kid on the block

I have been trying out a new body lotion just arrived from Australia, and suddenly realise I have stopped itching.

Called Silk Shimmer Body Lotion, I have been using it every morning after my bath.

Itches and rough patches are something we all put up with;  just remember to cream our skins twice a day instead of once when they break out.  But this natural skincare from Australia has made a big difference – I don’t keep on scratching when it’s getting late and some time away from the daily skincare routine.  Usually when we have very cold winds, I can be itching like mad – but horrid weather we had during March/April hasn’t bothered me this time


Reason I am not a big fan of companies that trumpet they are only made from ‘natural’ ingredients.  There are some pretty hairy natural products out there – and conversely not all chemicals are bad – and even if we add to the chemicals in our bodies, nothing the skincare boys could include in their pretty bottles would come near the lethal cocktails the medics shove into our bodies.

But ….. if a product contains lovely-sounding ingredients such as extracts from Kakadu plums, Bearberry leaf , Wild rosella flowers, Grass Lillies and lots of Australian essential oil – I’ll give it a try!

And this past month I have smoothed on the pink lotion, albeit a bit reluctantly because it disappeared immediately into my skin – but after a day or two I suddenly realised ‘no itches!’ – they’d stopped.

For a small bottle, it packs a massive punch well above its weight – and as I travel a lot this will make packing easier.  But I won’t be taking it because of that – but because itches have disappeared.

Cost:  £28   buy from Harrods or

And don’t forget, Australia as a country has some pretty impressive cancer care – they are in the forefront of much of the research, and practical products being produced.






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2 thoughts on “Little bottle that zaps itchy skin

  1. Samea maakrun April 26, 2011 at 10:56 am Reply

    Dear Verite

    Glad to hear your itchiness has stopped and glad
    You like a Silk shimmer body lotion. We also manufacture
    The citrus soufflé body creme without the shimmer. For a full
    List of Skincare benefits for each item pls lete know
    Happy to email it to you.

    Sasy n Savy Pty ltd

    • Verite Reily Collins April 26, 2011 at 12:12 pm Reply

      Lovely to ‘speak’ to you, and thanks for replying. I don’t normally write about anything unless I have tried it out; my skin suffered so much from side effects of drugs that it is perfect to try out new producs. If a cream or lotion works on my skin, I know readers will benefit! Although before I mention anything I like to know what research shows, or clinical trials.
      However, next time you launch a product in UK that is suitable for the dry, dry skin that cancer drugs produce – would be very happy to try this to write about it – If it works!

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