What if you need Hospice care?

Frosty Campsie Fells
Campsie Hills  Andy_Mitchell_UK via Flickr


It was Hippocrates who is credited with saying that patients should be treated on the top of a hill, so that they could look around them and see beautiful views.

The people who planned the Marie Curie Hospice, overlooking Campsie Hills in Glasgow, have taken this to heart, and from every room you look over fantastic views stretching towards the hills that surround the city.

When one patient was offered a TV, he said why would he need one, when he had such wonderful view from his window?

The old hospice at Hunters Hill had catered for over a thousand patients a year.  It was opened in 1976, and was showing its age.  So Marie Curie decided a new hospice was needed, and set about raising over £16 million via The Big Build.  So successful has every fundraising event  been, from Line Dancing through to cycle events, and running to the Rotary Club, that there is only £950,000 left to raise!

Of course one blithely says ‘only’, and it is Fund Raising Manager Karen Milne’s job to raise the rest of the money, so if you want to help her ‘finish it off’, click the link below to donate.

As I was shown around by Karen, it was obvious that those who work here are very proud of the way the building has been designed.  Most of the rooms are singles with en-suite bathrooms, and every one has a door leading out onto a         balcony or terrace overlooking those fantastic views.They celebrate birthdays

The Hospice not only offers the in-care facilities for which Marie-Curie are famous, but it also has a thriving day care programme.  This offers  all kinds of therapies, from Acupressure, Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, etc.  And everywhere I went there were cosy corners where families and friends could sit with patients and make a cup of tea.  When I went to wash up my cup Karen told me someone would be along to do that!

Glaswegians are very proud of the work that Marie Curie does in the City.  The Connelly family has been heavily involved with the new hospice, and as their daughter, Maggie Glassford says, This is a place for people in real need; it’s a reassuring safety net.  Without the services the hospice provides it would be devastating for patients and their families”.

For anyone needing the hospice services, the impression that the cheerful and efficient Reception staff gave was extremely welcoming, and as a dog lover it was cheering to hear that pets are welcome guests, provided arrangements are made beforehand.



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