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Karol Sikora 'explains' what politicians mean when discussing NHS

Cancer guru gives



down-to-earth explanation


In a recent interview, outspoken cancer expert

Prof. Karol Sikora gave an explanation of the figures

politicians spout re cancer treatment.



Never one to mince his words,  the video clip below shows Sikora talking about

  • Post code ‘nonsense’
  • Doesn’t like ‘post-code’ prescribing (and repeats comments about this iniquitous form of rationing under the counter)
  • Drugs ‘fudge’
  • Admits he doesn’t understand the new NHS reforms in the Health Bill
  • And gives a clear explanation of why, whatever the politicians may say, we STILL lag behind Western Europe when it comes to cancer treatment.

Ascribing lower incidences of cancer to banning smoking in pubs, he comes out strongly saying that patients who demand better treatment,

and/or whose doctors are prepared to fill in the interminable forms to obtain specialised drugs,

get better treatment.

So be prepared to demand better care – LOUDLY.


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