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Cancer Charities get organised and Chat with a purpose

Election is hotting things up –

and charities realise Survivors need supporting!

It’s surprising how a forthcoming Election galvanises people into action – and now that Cancer Charities want us to go out and ‘fight’ for what is needed – they are realising that it is survivors who are most passionate about changing things for the better. and sp there is a feeling that WE are useful – which thry knew – but perhaps giving us support will mean we are keener!  .Macmillan

This logo on the left is an old one – but really says what next year is all about. Electioneering!

Charities are going all out to get politicians activated. George Osbourne has been targeted by 38 Degrees, the online petition campaigners, and made to cough up  £2billion for  front-line NHS services.  He needs to be kept at it, as already there are signs that the money is coming out of another budget Continue reading