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How to understand what nurses say

Do you Triage your laundry?

Some nurses speak ‘medic-speak’.  You may not understand them.  But, as in all jobs, those that work in a sector have their own way of describing things.

But their ‘in-speak’ can have its own words – hence one nurse who told a colleague “I am Triaging the laundry” .

Translation:  she just meant she was sorting clothes to put in the washing machine:  this pile was urgent – this pile could wait.

There is a video clip by an inspirational nurse, Donna Cardillo, which gives a short insight into what nurses mean when they talk to each other.  Listen, you might learn some interesting phrases to mull over whilst you have those moments when you are actually left alone in your hospital bed, and can reflect on life, the universe and everything.  www.dcardillo.com

She says nurses don’t have colds, they have an U.R.I. – or Upper Respitatory Infection.  (See, I told you!).

Or she says nurses don’t cough, they ‘Aspirate’.

Understand these phrases, and you begin to understand what they are saying in ‘nurse speak’.

And if you are a nurse, Donna has written several books especially for nurses:

“Dear Donna” columnist for Nursing Spectrum & NurseWeek
Your First Year as a Nurse from Random House
Career Alternatives for Nurses®
The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses
A Daybook for Beginning Nurses

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