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Update on “Is there anything else you can do to look after your skin?”

Adding a few simple rules to sensible care

=  younger-looking skin

A recent survey showed living in the countryside means less pollution – and concluded this is better for our skin. But what can those of us who have to live in towns58809_xl-2 and cities do to protect our skin?

Actually, looking at cousins who live in the country, I really don’t envy them their skin.  They may have less pollution, cleaner air, etc. but if  you don’t take care of your skin (and it seems often they don’t) you will end up with wrinkles, pasty skin etc. Continue reading

Does NHS make you lose will to live? Follow my example and counter with a little Luxury

Struggling with NHS bureacracy zaps will to live

So reward yourself

Neom – one of my favourite brands, has come up with a lovely Body Oil. Just in time to calm me down after 2 days battling the NHS for check-ups.

And no snotty-nosed friend or nurse neom2can possible object to it – the name says it all:  Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood Body Oil.  So if they say you shouldn’t use perfumed products, tell them Lavender was used as an antiseptic in military hospitals in WWI – so there!

As I smoothed this on after showers, it calmed me down.  And boy, was I simmering.  24 hours spent going round-and-round the NHS system, when I suddently found I hadn’t received recommended annual post-cancer check-ups, had driven me crazy,  NHS England sent me off to PALS, CCGs – and any organisation they could fob me off to. Continue reading

Taking a daily bath – unlike Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood says she often

skips daily bath

Uggghh!!  When we learn that “cleanliness…” etc. from an early age, are taught to wash our hands, and hospitals are vigilant about personal hygiene, you would think having a daily bath or shower would be part of our daily routine for everyone.

When millions around the world have to walk miles to get water, we sometimes forget how lucky we are  to turn on a tap to have this gush out.  But importance of hygiene is bought home to us when visiting friends in hospital, to find they are in a single room because they have picked up a ‘hospital infection’


Was thinking of this when in hospital last week.  As I needed cheering up I used Neom’s Morrocan Rose to do the trick.  First of all, a dishy young doctor sniffed – and said “I can smell roses”;  I thought this was flowers belonging to another patient.  But then a nurse came by and asked what I was wearing, “as it smells of roses”.

Neom provided a real boost to my ego!



Looking Good is Good for YOU

Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Continue reading

Skincare is so important for cancer survivors

Especially in this appalling Winter

Cyclamen flowers

Cyclamen flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rain – Rain – Rain.  And then snow.  All designed to make our ‘drug prone’ skin break out in rashes, scaly patches, rough bits and other horrors. Doesn’t it make you cross!  But I have been treating myself to retail therapy and using some ‘old’ favourites, but this time slapping them on twice or three times a day.

One encouraging sign

The recent reports (by Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan, etc) identified that there 500,000 survivors with MAJOR side effects from cancer drugs, and gave hope to those of us who have been trying to get doctors to acknowledg that we suffer from appalling skin problems, thanks to these drugs.

Macmillan called its report CURED – BUT AT WHAT COST? And when you read this you find many of our problems are finally acknowledged.  But in true British fashion – none of the charities involved seemed concerned to do anything to help us.

So it is left to us to get on with the fall-out – and this can cost.  Anyway here are some of the staples that I turn to to hep me with skin problems from side effects – NOT FOR SKIN CANCER – that’s a different subject.


I haven’t put in prices of many of the products, BECAUSE – in case you haven’t noticed – there is a credit squeeze on.  Products that are best for our ‘druggie’ skin tend to contain expensive ingredients (that’s why they work well), and can be very expensive.  A lot of the cost goes into paying for research, and whilst there isn’t the money around, companies often offer good deals to enable us to buy their products, hoping that when money is more available they can recoup research costs – and start doing more research!

So go on-line, or ask your favourite skincare assistant what good deals are available.

Elemis Body Cream

I love Elemis – not least because I am a dedicated patriot, and Elemis are a British company.  Since the Jubilee I have come out of the closet and admitted that I search out British-made products whenever I can.  So the British company Elemis are always top of  my list.

My skin is suffering from ‘winter-season’ blues.  The change from summer bought out Brillo pad skin, so went off and treated myself to a tube of Elemis’s Tranquil Touch Body Cream.  It has calmed down the rough patches, and restored my soft skin of which I am so proud.

At the same time I thought I should do something about lines under my eyes, so treated myself to the Elemis Pro-collagen Eye Treatment, and lines are less noticeable.  It’s a lightweight texture so it doesn’t drag on the sensitive skin under the eyes , and defense against nasties such as pollution.

Then I thought I really deserved a treat, so added a jar of their Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream;  this really is one of the best face creams, and works wonders on my ‘druggie’ skin and the rough patches.  It’s only a few days, but already I can feel the skin is much softer.  https://www.timetospa.co.uk


Their Even Better makeup is a dermatologist-developed makeup that helps restore uneven skin tone.  Gently patting this on my face evens out the variations, and I end up with really good looking skin, although I never know what to make of comments like, “you do look well”.  It helps when you are in despair because drugs cause your skin to break out in blotches! But what do I look like normally!

There must be an Even Better Make-up colour for you, as they offer 25 different shades in the range, reckoning to cover a wide range of tones.  It also has an SPF of 15;  which although not strong enough for bright sunlight, is adequate for outdoor wear on most days.  And like most Clinique products, it is very competively priced at £23   www.clinique.co.uk

 Neom Organic Bath Oil

I have been staying with cousins, and they kept on coming into the room sniffing and saying “something smells good”.  It was my Neom products, which made life very easy for all the birthdays that happened at the same time!

I have been rubbing this onto my skin as a counter for the side effects of some new drug that is leaching out the moisture from my skin.  I was scratching myself all over, as the new pills were so draining, but a few days rubbing in Neom oil and my skin is blissfully free of itching.

My favourite scent is Moroccan Blush Rose, but if anyone wants to give me a present (hint hint to those I http://www.neomorganics.comam staying with!) I am happy with any of the scents.  They are all based on natural plant extracts etc. and contain things such as Lavender and Rose which were used for antiseptics.  www.neomorganics.com

Living Nature gentle make-up remover

Travelling as I am doing at the moment, I do like the Living Nature products in their flat-backed eco-friendly bottles.  They slip into a corner of my bag, and are easy to pack.  Another thing in their favour is that this make-up remover is also good for removing eye make-up – in fact it won an award as best remover from The Green Bible.

Gentle Makeup Remover is a highly effective but extra-gentle cleanser to instantly soften and remove makeup. It’s non-drying and skin-calming formulation is soothing – an  infusion of cleansing Kumerahou, hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel, and nourishing Active Manuka Honey. It also contains Eyebright and Witchhazel extracts (natural anti-inflammatories and skin conditioners), to soothe the skin.

Of course it is  fragrance and allergen free, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

To use: Apply to warm damp cotton pad and gently wipe away all traces of makeup.

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  www.livingnature.com

This weird summer we are having is making everything topsy-turvey.  Once we put away lip salve when Spring came;  now I use this all year long.  New Zealand is producing excellent products for cancer ‘hit’ skin, and the latest is Kiwiherb’s Calendula Ointment for lips.  wwwkiwiherbs.co.uk

And I can hardly believe it – but the sun is peeping out!  What more could I want?  !!!

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Fight cold winds with good skincare


Calendar Girls

Image via Wikipedia

Products that deliver care


It’s that time of year when we  need to make promises to look after ourselves, and in particular our skin.

The bitter cold weather that has hit Europe, Britain and North America is a reminder to protect – protect – and moisturise our skin.

As cancer patients, we have even more reason to do so;  if we don’t, we risk ending up with very dry, lined and peeling skin caused by side effect of our drugs, and in the worst scenario this causes splits, lesions and leaves us open to infection  – ughhh!

The Telegraph says the average British woman spends £483 per person on anti-ageing products (doesn’t mention men – but bet they are just as eager buyers).

Each day a new cream gets launched on the beauty counter,

But how do we know which and what to buy?

It’s all very well telling us how much we spend, but I bet a large amount of the £483 goes on products that promise the earth – but don’t deliver.  And unless you are a research chemist, it is difficult to know what is good for your skin and what is just advertising hype.

You have no idea what fantastic rubbish comes across my desk – whenever there is a launch of some ‘celeb’ product, suddenly I am the PR girl’s best friend.  But – I always insist on trying anything new on myself, knowing full well that if the product isn’t very good, the PR machine will do everything in its power to blind one with champagne and gifts, but never let you actually try out the product.

And now, with Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of ‘cheap ‘companies are out to entice unsuspecting men into buying some very dubious ‘skincare’.  So if you are at all worried, I suggest you print out this page and ring round the products you think might suit you.

Here is a selection of the goodies that have been sent to me to try, and which I found actually did work on me.

REMEMBER – I am NOT medically qualified, so it is best to ask advice of your CNS, dermatologist or chemist first – and then do a test by rubbing a small amount on your arm – waiting 24 hours to see if your skin reacts – then if OK go ahead.


WELEDA Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk.  This is just the product to help counter winter winds.  Weleda are old and firm favourites with me, and I love their Bath Milk lotions.  Whenever I need a soak after a hard day’s work, or want to re-nourish my skin (or both), I pour in bath milk to replenish the moisture in my skin.  As its name says, this has a lovely Citrus scent (watch out the males don’t pinch it!) and first time I used it I just floated away.             £9.50  for 200 ml.


If Scotland is going to become a separate country, I do hope there aren’t going to be any stupid customs taxes.

Because if so, I would hate Arran Aromatics Angelica Body Lotion to cost any more!  Although for £12 for 300 mml it is very good value, especially as it is keeping my skin lovely and soft whilst the winter is doing its worst.

This company makes a lovely selection of goodies, all of which are reasonably priced.  And their products come in delightful soft, flowery scents, which shouldn’t upset any scent police!  www.arranaromatics.com


If you have a cold bathroom, or just find it too tiring to spread on cream, try body oils.  These are lighter, and easier to ‘spread’, but are just as good as creams and lotions.  There are two types:  1.  Shower oils to use for cleansing, and 2.  Body oils to use after a bath/shower.

One of my favoourite shower oils is made by the French company, L’Occitane.  Currently I  am using their Almond (Amande) oil, but they also make a dreamy Citrus Verbena scent.  Buy these from the QVC channel online shop, as they often have very good deals.  www.qvcuk.com


Nature’s Inspiration Lavender Body Scrub is a gorgeous treat that does one’s skin an incredible amount of good.  It smells nice (which helps) because it uses Lavender, used also for antiseptics;  comes with a dinky measuring scoop (which is ideal for cooking), and it really smoothes off those rough patches that skin gets in the winter – as well as nourishing and moisturing skin.

I am a great believer in simple packaging, so as to save the trees.  But this company goes one further and says all its jars and packaging are from ethical companies.  Not only that, but for once, when I have finished a beauty product, I can use the jar for storing herbs and other cooking ingredients.

Cost £14 and can be purchased on www.naturesinspiration.co.uk or on Amazon.





A very pretty slightly scented cleanser wash, scented with Jasmine which has healing properties.  It conditions at the same time, and hydrates skin, but doesn’t leave a residue.

The bottle is all the right ‘eco’ things, and I liked its design – eco-friendly products don’t have to look ‘goodie-goodie’!

And the bottle lasted a long time;  when I came near the end I opened it up, put in some water and had at least another week’s washes out of the bottle.

£16.99  www.keepimmaculate.com

From the same stable comes Clary Sage and Evening Primrose Oil contains what is says on the label, and both plants are good for skin.  It’s an anti-ageing facial oil, and works wonders in reducing those nasty signs of skin ageing.  With a clean herbie  scent,  the combined natural properties in the oils are powerful workers to help repair skin.  Use it every day, and you will soon find that your skin is much smoother.  £21.99  www.keepimmaculate.com

Tripping up the stairs to the local beauty salon, I noticed there were boxes of products from a firm called ENVIRON.  Talking to Joanne, as she gave me a massage, they said they were trying out Environ Advanced Skincare, and suggested I tried their Ionzyme C-Quence Cleanser.

As they say on their website,  “Environ® skin care products have been formulated to combat and relieve the harmful effects of the harsh climatic changes of today’s environment specifically pollution and ever-increasing doses of radiation from the sun due to the thinning of the protective ozone layer. Added to these are the modern-day effects of social and work stresses and poor diet”.

The cleanser certainly performed well, and not only cleanses my face, but leaves it soft and moist.  You need to have a personalised consultation with a trained Environ therapist before you can buy any environ products.  So call 0800 0433 365 for more information.

WEIL for Origins.

Part of the Estée Lauder giant group that does so much to help us, Weil have come up with Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief.

I did start to read the bumf – but was more interested that using this serum on my face twice a day, the ‘grey’ look disappeared from my skin, and it came alive.

The little bottle lasted a long time too – about three months –  so well worth the £56.

Once the mushrooms have done their best, you can change to a milder lotion, the Mega-Mushroom Soothing Treatment Lotion at £24.



If, like me, you dread washing your hair and having cold drips down your neck, there is a lovely ‘cheat’ product on the market:


Or you can use RICHARD WARD’S Couture Hair Optimiser Hair Reviver.  I spray this on my hair when my salon blow dry is starting to look past it’s sell-by date, and lo and behold, the waves bounce back. It’s a bit like a hair spray that gives my hair a lift, and saves my set for another day!

Richard Ward makes lots of different products, and all at reasonable prices under £20.  His website is worth looking at;  no hype, no false promises, just a lot of sensible wording to help you choose the right product for your hair.  And what’s even nicer, no mention that he does the Duchess of Cambridge’e gorgeous hair.  And the rest of the Middleton family.   www.richardward.com


Soap can be very drying, so I have tried out ‘soap in a dispenser’, that you just pump out – and am finding my hands are much less scratchy.  One of nicest I have come across is made by Neom;  Organic Handwash, in one of their lovely scents :  Moroccan Blush Rose.  I had thought that these handwashes would be better for my hands, but now I have come to the end of the first bottle, I wish I had discovered this before.  At this time of the year my hands were usually rought and sore, but now they are so much smoother.

Tip:  Keep a bottle or jar of hand cream by EVERY tap in your home.  And one by your front door next to the house keys, so you pop some on every time you go out.   You need this to protect your hands from cold winter winds and to re-moisturise whenever you wash your hands;  and it’s also useful in the summer if you choose one with an SPF number to protect from the sun.  Doing duty by my taps at the moment are:

Essie Intensive Recovery Hand Cream – which I love.  Not sticky, but I can feel it soaking in and doing my poor dry hands some good. It also repairs cuticles, so does double duty.  Essie make excellent hand care products, and I am about to try out some of their nail products to try and counter the damage that drugs do to them.  When I told them about the problems we face,  they came back with excellent advice, which showed their research chemists had looked into the harm that drugs do to our skin.  Nice people.   – if only the medical profession would work with Essie and similar companies to help find solutions to our problems, rather than the doctors looking down their noses.

Just under £20, and you can get it from umpteen websites, if it isn’t in your local store.

I now know why my girlfriends always want to ‘wash their hands’ when they visit:  they look to see what hand cream they can ‘borrow’.


Baileys Home

provides products for gardeners, one of which is their fabulour Citronella Handcream.  When you buy a jar, do get another one for anyone you know who is a keen gardener, because the quirky garden designs around the jar make it look less ‘girly’ than most.    They will love the list of ingredients, all written in the Latin names they are used to (in English as well!).  They also list ”not tested on animals’, whereupon a visiting dog immediately went to the jar I had opened to lick it!   Didn’t do him any harm though, but I snatched it back as it does my hands a lot of good.

And do have a look at their website:  it explains that “when we’re not rescuing and recycling, we design simple useful products with a subtle sense of humour and nice labels. We also source some things from small family run companies who have been making the same things for generations”.  www.baileyshome.com




Clinique has sent me a jar of their new REPAIRWEAR UPLIFTING FIRMING CREAM. This will be in the shops in a month or so, and well worth putting your name down to be the first to try this out.

As Clinique reminds us, as we age, natural processes in the skin begin to slow down. Skin begins to lose volume, collagen and elastin production decreases and the pull of gravity starts to show. All these factors lead to a loss of cushion that keeps the face looking plump and youthful.

But after trying out this Repairwear cream, my skin really is looking miles better.  It’s firmer;  its glow has returned and I can look at myself in the mirror without having to stare at lines and wrinkles.  Apparently the cream uses modern technology to help repair and rebuild the skin, and I was interested to see that the formula includes Mitostime, a botanical extract derived from brown algae harvested off the coast of France.  I have written elsewhere about the benefits that seaweed contains, and this is another product that is making use of age-old ingredients in a modern way. Clinique says it helps strengthen the foundation of the skin, providing the tension to support the collagen and elastin matrix.

Like all their products, this is Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Oil-Free. Dermatologist Tested.
Ophthalmologist Tested.  For Stockist: 0870 034 2566. www.clinique.co.uk

RRP £ £50.00 / €68.0


Those helpful people at Flexitol have  come up with a ‘saver’ for our poor nails:  Nail Revitaliser Gel.  On the package it says it is ‘for discoloured and thickened nails’, but Flexitol suggested it might help with my nails that are literally crumbling away, thanks to side effects of one of my drugs (can’t find out which one).

I was having to file my nails two or three times a day, to get rid of crumbling and splitting tips, and use sharp nail scissors at least once a day to cut off split ends.   I have only used this Gel for two weeks, but so far I am down to filing my nails about every three days, and only once have I had a split I have had to cut off.

The gel comes in a small tube with a brush applicator at the end.  Very easy to apply to nails, and I have it sitting by my lap top so I can pick it up when waiting on the phone – then I am not wasting my time listening to so-called Helplines ringing.

It will take about two months before my nails grow out completely, so watch this space!

It’s available onliner or at most branches of Boots – and costs £6 – £10, depending on offers.

Enjoy – and let’s hope for warmer winds!



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Luxury Christmas presents for friends with cancer

Gift Hampers 5


Cancer patients love luxury too!


Just because your friend has had to exist in a sterile environment, doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate luxury – and in spades!

So what can you give them?

As a patient, one often has the specialist nurse who frowns on anything that has the slightest touch of glamour!  Many is the one who has grabbed a skincare product to search for any suspect ingredients.

I try to tell them that any chemicals manufacturers might include, wouldn’t even come within a mile of the poisons that get pumped into our bodies during cancer treatment – but all I get is sour looks!

Or else they tell you piously, “I couldn’t possibly recommend anything commercial”, and get cross when it is pointed out that drug companies are some of the most profitable companies in the world!

But don’t let this put you off.  Cancer patients LOVE getting gifts, small or large.

A few ‘rules’ to help in choosing a present

  • If a product is scented – either buy something your friend already uses, or look for the ‘old’ flower perfumes. Lavender and rose in particular were often, and still are, used as antiseptics.
  • Most manufacturers have taken parabens out of products because of some dodgy publicity.  However, if you ask a nurse to show you ingredients for IVs, often they contain parabens!  Or ask if they recommend Blueberrries – apparently they contain parabens!
  • However, it makes sense to avoid the ‘chemical’ designer scents that are around, particulary those ‘celebrity’ perfumes that are produced just for Christmas market.  These can sometimes produce allergies.  Look for old-fashioned ones, that have stood the test of time.
  • If anything has a screw top, or is difficult to open, try to make sure the person’s hands are strong enough to cope.

What’s available?

I am NOT medically qualified, so if your friend is still in isolation during treatment, please ask a doctor or nurse what is suitable.

All of the following companies take great care with their products, and most cancer patients enjoy using them.  Ask the demonstrators at major in-store beauty counters if any of them do voluntary work at hospices;  they can tell which of their products are most suitable, but in the meantime here are some of the best products to help ‘cancer drug skin’.

And if you live outside the UK, and want to order online, delete co.uk ending and try .com – if that doesn’t work Google!


Avène is one of those French companies that developed clinically-trialled products designed to help problem skins.  If only our dermatologists in Britain would go over to France and see what their doctors prescribe (these or similar products), we might get more help with skin problems.

The basis of all their products is the thermal waters that gush out of the mountain;  their laboratories are constantly seeking new solutions to skin problems, and they undertake numerous clinical trials in hospitals.

Anyway, they make a whole range of suitable products;  best thing is to either find a major chemist that stocks their products, or go online and see what is available in your price range.   www.avene.co.uk


This is the ‘medical’ arm of the great Estée Lauder empire;  the company that started pink ribbons and has done an enormous amount for cancer care.   Currently I am enjoying using their Comfort on Call cream, which is also allergy tested, and described as a relief cream.  This means it is just right to smooth out all the bumps and rough skin we get as a side effect of drugs – darn them.

Another good cream is their Moisture Surge – which does exactly what it says to dried up faces!  Bliss!  Most of their creams cost around £30 – £35, and are very good value for money.

The also make eye serums, and their famous Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion – a staple of the Look Good, Feel Better beauty boxes handed out to us when we have those wonderful make-up lessons.  www.clinique.co.uk



We should be very proud of this all-British company, as they made superb creams for us.

And each Christmas, they gather together gift sets with all the goodies that we love, in attractive packs.

Each pack aims to help with a specific problem, be is rough body skin or dull facial problems;  then they offer several suitable products at a knock-down price – saving a lot!

They are famous for Bath products:  foams, washes and body lotions in gorgeous scents.

They make very good face creams:  for cleansing, toning, moisturising and for an extra boost at night.

And also have a marvellous treatment spa at their HQ in Lancashire Court,  just behind Bond Street.  If you want to give a really special present, give a voucher for a treatment here.

Living Nature are really natural, organic products, made in New Zealand.  80% of their native plants are indigenous and many have remarkable bioactive properties. Sourced from forests, lands and seas, Living Nature’s active ingredients come from the most potent of these unique plants.

And the really nice thing is that these products are endorsed by New Zealand’s cancer organisations.

They make a range of products, packaged in their distinctive eco-friendly style – find them on  www.livingnature.com


Neom makes body oils that celebrities really use.

And rubbing in body oil is less ‘sticky’ than using body lotions, especially for someone who hates using skin preparations!

There is a gift box containing all five Neom Bath Oils (Lavender, Jasmine, Rosewood etc.)  in small trial sizes, which pack a massive ‘feel good’ aroma whenever you use one.  £15.

Now their latest oils are in a spray bottle, and I have been trying out the  ‘Tranquility’ Organic Body Oil, containing Lavender and Sweet Basil.  This really does calm you down, and might be just the present for someone who has difficulty sleeping – have a bath at bedtime and spray it all over – bliss!

NEOM say their “Luxury Organic Bath Oils are made with a vitamin E packed certified organic Safflower base & Jojoba to leave your skin soft and toxin free;  if you use them during the day your skin really glows and feels good all day.  For once, the hype says what it means.    www.neomorganics.com

Peachykeen is a Hale, Manchester company that specialises in organic body products,such as their super Body Butter.

Containing coconut oil and ginger, this is what I would best describe as a mega-zapper for the dreadful dry skin one gets – particularly when you first go on certain drugs.  You take a teaspoon of the butter from the jar, rub it in your hands and it soon becomes almost liquid, soothing and softening as it goes.  £22.

Suitable for vegetarians , and especially useful in the winter, when skin needs an extra boost to counter winter winds.  www.peachykeenorganics.co.uk


Have fun – and don’t forget to buy something for yourself!



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Rescue remedies for hair


Oh! That glossy hair! daylife

What to do when ‘straw’

hair strikes


Watching the Middleton sisters with their glossy hair has made me insanely jealous!  Each time I get put on another drug, my hair rebels and loses all its sheen.

So not only do I end up with dull, lifeless dry ‘straw’ hair, but have also discovered that the colour is leaching out.

Sometimes I am a good girl, and actually read those leaflets they pop into tablet boxes, telling you all the side effects you are going to have.  Pfizer are possibly more honest than some drug companies, and reading the leaftlet that came with the latest batch of their pills, I realised why my hair has gone a ‘colourless’ colour.

At first I thought it was grey hairs creeping up; but it’s not – it’s just my usual colour is going paler, and according to Pfizer this is a side effect.  Heigh Ho! – another side effect that will make my male doctors think I am complaining over nothing – again!


Hairdressers  tell me that they can give me oil treatments, and when they do this does make a difference for a short time.  But day in and day out this is expensive, so I have been investigating what our ancestors did.  And of course they used olive oil and treated their hair at home.    Which is fine, but hair tends to get in a sticky mess and  leave marks everywhere.

However, there are companies that make oils for the body, and some for hair.  And these make an easy-to-use treatments, which are inexpensive and easy to use – and as oils today are much lighter, they don’t leave greasy marks.

Amazon Series Acai Oil


This is made from acai berries, with long claim to fame.  It’s light and a little goes a long way.

I drop a small amount on my hand, rub palms together and spread it on my hair, and it does a fantastic job of smoothing down all those fly-away split ends, without making my hair greasy.

It’s also wonderful for getting rid of frizz.  I have tried several preparations, but this is by far the best.

And thanks to the photo, I now know what an Acai berry looks like – who would have guessed they have such wonderful properties?

£16.99 for a two ounce bottle, which has lasted me a long time.



This company makes a range of oils, which I had used as body oils – until one day I thought they might help my hair – and they do.

They have lots and lots of fragrances, but none of them are obtrusive, and as they are based on plants it is unlikely they will cause an reaction.  But if you are worried do a patch test;  spread a tiny amount on your arm and wait 24 hours.

So I still use these as body oils, but now carry the good work up and over my hair.

£27 – £30 100 ml



Sebastian Kneipp revolutionised naturopathic medicine in the 19th century, and became a pioneer in the field of holistic healing and teaching in Germany;  today the brand he founded has a massive international cult following.

I tried out the Kneipp NaturRenew Organic Body Oil (the Germans are strong on organic products) and this is, again, something that works on my hair and my body.  Very useful when packing for a weekend away.

Incidentally, being plant based and organic it must be suitable for most skin types, and because it is so light I used it as a body moisturiser when we had that hot but short summer (anyone remember that?).  It absorbed immediately, whereas some creams take time to absorb.


This has been my favourite ‘pick-me-up’ this summer.  I like its light fresh scent, and the oil just sinks in.

I was using this as a body oil, and lots of people commented how nice I smelt!  Then thought I would try it on my hair – and bingo!  It worked a treat.

Yes, it is fairly expensive, but my bottle has lasted and lasted, as you only need a little.  A bonus is that if I use it in a warm bathroom, I don’t need room scents as my flat is filled with a subtle perfume for ages afterwards.

I am not surprised that it has been selected as best buy and won awards, and this is what I chose for the last cheering up present I gave a friend.  Needless to say she was delighted and keeps on referring to it.

And it makes a lovely pick-me-up when I have to face yet another doctor’s appointment.  Give the old boys a treat – I feel!  And their nurses sniff the air when I pass by!

And it is excellent for my hair.  £32 for 100 ml

N.B.  These oils are not as strong as the oil treatments you would have in a salon, but they take seconds to apply, rather than a couple of hours.  And for the cost of a salon treatment you could buy a bottle of each and have money left over!



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A special Treat for anyone in Hospital

Finding something small that won’t take up too much room on a bedside locker, but is a treat, can be difficult.

But this tiny gift box containing all five Neom Bath Oils (Lavender, Jasmine, Rosewood etc.) is just right. And packs a massive ‘feel good’ aroma whenever you use one of the minute bottles – like letting a Genie out!

The oils not only moisturise skin, but if used in a bath will scent your room or ward,  and give everyone who comes within reach a lift.  I watched nurses go past a bathroom the other day where a friend had gone in to use my Neom bottles, and as each one passed she gave an appreciative sniff – then went on with a smile.

NEOM say their “Luxury Organic Bath Oils are made with a vitamin E packed certified organic Safflower base & Jojoba to leave your skin soft and toxin free with an alluring glow that only NEOM can deliver. Each luxury mini bath oil is designed to give you a specific treatment, creating your very own bath spa”.  For once, the hype says what it means.

I prefer to use them after a bath or shower to re-hydrate my skin – but either way these tiny little bottles are a real treat.

£15.  www.neomorganics.com

P.S  They are 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% pure essential oils.

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It's summer – just don't forget your skin



The weather is warm -and

you still need to protect your skin

Just because it is summer, people often think they don’t need to moisturise their skin.

And they spend so much time in water they think they don’t need to have a shower.

But the drugs – and remnants of them – stay inside us for ages; they are still beavering away, drying out what little moisture we possess.

So don’t neglect to look after your body skin, even if you mostly stay covered up and out of the sun.  Apart from drugs working inside, the air temperature (without any rain to add moisture) will dry us up, and who wants to look like a shrivelled prune when they get older?

Recently there have been some horrendous celeb photos of actresses who used to tan all over as a way of looking more glamorous.  I won’t name any:  that would be cruel, but I am sure you have seen umpteen ones recently.  They are not a pretty sight but serve as a warning to be careful!

And make sure you skin isn’t short of moisturising!

Sanex has bathing covered!

Besides keeping your skin moisturised from within, it’s important that you also keep it supple from the outside, and Sanex now makes a range of bath and shower products for different skin types that help counter this problem.

Your skin normally holds 20% of all body water. Dry skin means that you have highly reduced levels of water, and that’s why it looks dull and lifeless. And although you can’t see it, dryness also weakens your skin’s protective layer and causes you to lose more internal water through evaporation.

Sanex has done a lot of research into this problem, and I was particularly impressed with their research which has come up with Dermo Active 3 Complex* which works with your skin to offer the 3 key benefits to keep skin healthy: protection, moisturizing and rebalance.

This complex delivers skin protection by helping to maintain its natural pH and the right skin flora and thus improving skin barrier. It also reinforces the effect of skin Natural Moisturising Factor for a well hydrated and soft skin. Rebalance is achieved by restoring skin’s natural balance. Besides, Dermo Active 3 Complex* has been approved by dermatologists.

Their product that worked best for me was New Sanex Dermo Intensive  bath gel,  a gentle bath formulation containing Vitamin E which helps leave you and your skin feeling moisturised and comfortable.

* Patent pending

The prices are as follows:

All 250ml RRP: £1.89
All 500ml RRP: £3.19
650ML bath RRP:£3.19

Re: bath products, all the products are available in a bath format except for the Pro Hydrate variant

Know your skin type?  Want 50p off next purchase?  Go to http://www.sanexdiscover.co.uk/VoucherRequest.aspx
That’s why to keep your skin balanced, it’s important to moisturise your skin every day with products that protect and enhance dry skin effectively.  And I have been trying out a bath oil, which not only smells gorgeous but is a multi-purpose product.

Neom Organic Bath Oils

A friend had told me about these oils, and when I poured some into a bath and sank back – it was pure bliss.  And got me thinking:

The oils tick all the boxes for kindness to skin;
if you are like me, and go for floral scents,they come
scented with roses, lavender, lemons and other
plants and flowers that were often used in medicine.

By the time I reluctantly had dragged myself out of the bath,    I was wondering if the oil would help my hair – which has gone back to ‘straw’ thanks to the latest drug I am taking.

Pouring a few drops into the palm of my hand, I wiped this over my hair – and instant shine!  It is not a deep treatment, but for a quick fix when you want to smooth down hair, it works marvels.

Next day it was boiling hot, and I didn’t fancy smoothing one of my usual thickish body lotions all over.  The oil was there, so again I put some into the palm of my hand and this time smoothed it all over my body.

This was an instant hit;  I smelt gorgeous with the lightest scent, my skin was very smooth and even during the evening the dry, itchy patches that can turn up had disappeared.  During the hot weather we have been having recently I have been using this all over, every day, and it makes a lovely light alternative.   £32 for a 100 ml bottle.


And finally ……

We all tend to forget our lips, but they can really suffer from sun, hot abrasive winds, and dry atmosphere.

I have been trying out a lovely product called Calm Balm.
It comes in two ‘flavours’, and I opted for the Peppermint one. It glides on, and each time I use it I can feel the balm doing good.
The interesting thing about this product is it is also good for nails, and cuticles, particularly for ridges and other nasties.    £5.50