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Making Whoopee – without too many calories!

A glass of champagne

Champagne mixes with almost anything!  Wikipedia


Tis the season to be jolly – and all that.

But you can cheat (a little) and cut down on the calories – as well as the hangovers!

How?  By mixing soda water or fruit juices along with wine – preferably Champagne.

Some famous mixes:

Buck’s Fizz – THE thing the Bright Young Things drank in the Twenties – mixture of genuine Champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice.  Invented at Buck’s Club, one of the most famous gentlemen’s clubs in London.  Don’t even call it a Buck’s Fizz if you use anything else but champagne – it ISN’T  – what is mixed up is nice, but nothing like the genuine article.

Bellini – mixture of peach puree and Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine).  Invented by famed restauranteur Harry Cipriani of Harry’s Bar, in Venice.  He would have used peaches made in to puree, but you can use peach juice out of carton – if you have to!

Mimosa – the Ritz Hotel in Paris tried to copy Buck’s Fizz, but with slightly different amounts of orange juice and champagne – and called it a Mimosa from the frothy yellow colour.

Spritzer –  King Edward VII and his Court used to imagine they could help keep their weight down by mixing soda water with white wine, when they would go off to German medical spas to take the cure.  So the drink was almost always made with German white wine, often one with a slight sparkle.

Tap Water – is the new ‘designer’ water – except in Copenhagen, where recently the organisers have been trying to show off their ‘green’ credentials by only serving tap water – until delegates let the show down by making a rush for bottled water that had been served up by mistake.

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