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NHS shoots itself in foot – again

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My Heart Surgeon leant over the desk: “now I have to tell you the risks”.   (Having just been told I needed a 7-hour heart operation, surely I was savvy enough to realise that carried a huge risk?)

“If anything happens, will I know anything about it?”

“No – you will be under anaesthetic” he told me.

“Right – then it’s your problem”, was my reply, and we went on to more sensible questions.

What Doctors are For

Drugs had produced my heart problems, and I relied on my doctor to choose the best person to operate and repair the damage.  I SO did not need ‘Choose and Book’;  faced with a list of possible surgeons, I wouldn’t have had a clue whom to choose;  but a sensible doctor would know which surgeons had a good record for survival, because they had accepted ‘last hope’ cases whom no-one else would help.

NHS Interferes

 LaLaLite (the new Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt) is showing  just as much grasp of essentials as his predecessor,   LaLa Lansley.  Latest dictat info from Richmond Towers says “surgeons will be ranked by how many people die in their operating theatres”. 

This means a junior doctor, newly qualified and only trusted with the most basic procedures, will be top of the tables;  an experienced surgeon with patients queueing up from around the world, who will operate on many ‘no hopers’, will probably be way down the bottom of these silly, time and money-wasting statistical tables.

Can we please get back to sensible health care, where one’s GP is trusted to do their best for their patients, not waste valuable time and money having to compare paper statistics?

 Does anyone listen?

After shooting itself in the foot, today’s dictat is called

 Everyone Counts.

Well, if the bean counters in Richmond Towers haven’t noticed, is there any hospital really operating ‘7  DAYS A WEEK’?

LaLaLite obviously inhabits the same Alice in Wonderland country as his predecessor.

Wonder how much this latest exercise cost us? 

Has anyone thought if they got down to actual work, instead of writing Fairy Stories (even though it is Christmas) they could go a long way to saving the money the NHS needs.

But I suppose this will mean a lot of ‘Consultants’ will be out of work.  Well, if this is the standard of their work, a good thing too.

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