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New laws protect workers with cancer

Legislation offers protection to workers and carers affected by cancer

Often employees diagnosed with cancer will continue to work through treatment or after they have finished.  However, it can be difficult to return to work as one used to carry it out.

However, when it comes to obtaining the help you might need to return to work, there can be difficulties.  Sadly, less than 40% of people with cancer realise that they are protected by law against workplace discrimination.

Recently Macmillan have launched Working through Cancer campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the Equality Act 2010, now in force.

The Equality Act 2010 and Cancer: How it affects you »

The Act contains new measures which extend protection for employees with cancer and, for example, a person caring for someone with cancer. It replaces the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and applies to all employees in England, Scotland and Wales.

If this might be useful for you, contact Macmillan and as for their essential information about the Equality Act and cancer. The guide is called ‘The Equality Act 2010 and Cancer – How it affects you.’

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