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An Embarrassing problem for cancer patients

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One of the most embarrasing things that happens is the sudden attack of diarrhea, which can leave you squatting like a child in the street.

Even if your ‘attack’ isn’t so extreme, this side effect can hit cancer patients with no warning.  It’s another side effect from our drugs.

So it helps to carry a handy kit in the bottom of your handbag (thank heavens for current fashion for monster sizes) which is a big help in emergencies.  This  could include

  • Femfresh Cleansing Wipes (best product for this purpose) and much gentler than ordinary wipes
  • towels
  • Spare pair knickers
  • Imodium Instant or similar
  • Femfresh spray (makes you feel much fresher)

The one good thing is that usually the nasty ephisodes fall off, until eventually you can face going on a long trip with any problems.

Femfresh as a company make a lot of helpful products, designed to spare our blushes and make us feel fresher!  They are soothing, hypoallergenic and dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, and can be found in major chemists, such as Boots and Lloyds pharmacy, around Britain.

Best of luck!  It happens to all of us, and one good thing is that doctors seem sympathetic.


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