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Dogs have it made when it comes to medical treatment

Border Terrier
Image by onkel_wart via Flickr

Would we be better off being treated by Vets?

A spell in hospital resulted in such bruised arms,  I had to wear long sleeves – otherwise people might have thought I was a drug addict.

Whilst there a technician spent 30 minutes trying to take blood from me, then threw her tray of instruments down on my bed and rushed off.  Eventually, after hours of consultation, they woke me up at midnight with a doctor to do the Vampire act.

Shortly after I came out of hospital I had to take one of my dogs to the Vet.  Whilst there, he told me he would have to do blood tests, and I freaked out.  How was I going to keep a lively dog calm when being poked with painful needles?

A few seconds later, the Vet laid down a syringe, full of blood, with a happy dog lying on the examining coach.  I gasped, and explained to the Vet what had happened to me.

“Aahh yes”, said the Vet.  “But if we hurt our patients they bite us”.

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