The Scarlet Pimpernel of the NHS

Whilst Reception committee waited

They seek him here ……  They seek him there

That Dxxxxxx elusive Minister

What happens when elusive Minister for Health is on a visit?

With an Election coming up, Minister of Health Jeremy Hunt has to exit his Richmond Towers hide-out to meet some of the million plus who work in ‘his’ NHS.  But fhis shy pimpernel can be difficult to spot.

No – this in’t the right scarlet pimpernel.


Latest Visit to Leeds

The group in Leeds were waiting for the shy politician.

Unlike LaLa (Andrew Lansley) Hunt was dificult to spot.  Previously he had been seen briefly in a South London surgery; everyone in their best bibs and tucker, ready to receive the Minister.

Coming through the door, he smiled at the Receptionists, and answered a telephone at their Desk.  Official photographers snapped and flashed. When they stopped, Hunt asked if they had all they wanted?  Told yes, he left. Leaving Surgery staff with no chance of asking questions – or even getting a ‘Selfie’.

This time Jeremy was due to visit the troops at a centre in Pudsey. Reports tell he stepped from his car, walked into the centre, shook hands, walked out again, got back into his car and that was it;  a GMB representative said “he can’t have been there more than 30 seconds”.

Politicians used to have Courage

Once upon a time Churchill, Bevin, Grimond and all would have relished getting stuck in and answering questions from a heckling crowd.  That was part of politics.

But ever since the last Election campaign, when Gordon Brown was confronted by voter Gillian Duffy, and caught calling her a bigot, senior politicians have relied on their minders and spin doctors to protect them from ‘dangerous’ voters.  Appearing briefly for ‘photo opportunities;, once the cameras stop clicking – that’s it.

So the noisy reception during a farcical visit to a Leeds health centre obviously scared thiis Pimpernel.  According to Tim Roache “Mr Hunt refused to answer questions put to him by demonstrators about what the government is doing to the NHS.

So where will this elusive Pimpernel surface for his next photo opportunity? desktop To make it easier to spot this shy creature, this is what he looks like –



Good Hunting!

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