Fatigue – or Systematic Exertion Intolerance Disease

Is this where you would like to be NOW?

Beds Buying Guide

John Lewis calls this a Sanctuary

Cancer patients suffering Fatigue

often want to be there

You are not alone.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

No-one has any idea how many of us suffer from Fatigue

We are told we might get it, But most of us just put up with it pressing down on us for no apparent reason; fed up with looks we get when we try and explain how tired we feel after cancer treatment.

Need cheering up?  Go on American charity websites, and they accept fatigue happens after cancer treatment  – sometimes for years,  We are not alone.

Before, when cancer drugs made us lose memory, Ameririca discovered Chemo-Brain.

Now they have come up with an official sounding name to baffle medics:

                                  Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease

Just remember this (write it down if you don’t trust your memory) and trot it out at your next appointment;  guaranteed to stop them in their tracks, as they puzzle out what this new disease could be.

You can even baffle ‘them’ by announcing you have SEIC – that’ll stop them in their tracks.


In the UK, there are approximately 250,000officially affected with the disease.  The NHS is not certain as to how many others may have similar symptom,s but the full diagnosis is just not clear. I am certainly one who keeps this quiet; I don’t bother to add this to my list and get more head-shaking disbelief,
Experts around the globle generally agree that the disease has a physical basis, but they have struggled for decades to characterise its symptoms.

A new report may help improve diagnosis, but the recommendations are unlikely to end the long, contentious debate over who has the condition and what may be causing it, or even how we can treat it.

Total Recovery Book

The World Health Organization regards SEID as a neurologic disease and ICC regards it as an immunological mediated neuroinflamatory disease with multi-system manifestations.

Which is accurate?

SEIC is discussed in this book.  Author Dr. Gary Kaplan serves on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee at Health and Human Services in the United States and addresses CFS in his recently released book: Total Recovery:

Solving the Mystery of Chronicdr Kaplan Pain and Depression (Rodale, 2015).

Discussion is around;

  • The new name change
  • what it portrays and
  • what leaves out

as the underlying component.

The parts of the report that he agrees with wholeheartedly such as this is a medical not psychiatric condition
His research and work treating the root cause of SEID and his individualized treatment plans some of which are outlined in Total Recovery (Rodale 2015)

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