Beat off winter winds with Oils

I’m a big fan of good quality

Oils for skincare

Particularly now is season for wind and rain chapping skin

And Living Nature, the New Zealand skincare range , providing natural and organic skincare, especially easily-absorbed oils, has some beauties.

My skin only has to feel one blast of a keen wind, and shrivels up like a walnut.  So each morning I rub in Living Nature oil all over my body; if it’s a good product it will sink in without leaving a greasy film.

Then, before I go out, I “fortify” my face with a thin layer of facial oil; when I return my skin is still OK, with no chapped bits.

The company that cares

Living Nature produces lovely skincare, tailored to our cancer-drug-stressed skin.

As soon as winter winds start down my street, I reached for two of my favourite productsLiving Nature Vitality Body Oil - Living NatureOne is the Living Nature Body Oil; made in two types;  I go for the Vitality version – but there is a Tranquility one, which is good for night.- so

Then – if I go out during the day, I spread a thin film of Living Nature’s

Radiance Night Oil I always use this on my face at night.  However, I was using it during the day as extra protection but LIving Nature warn that there might be problems with photosensitivy – so I just use it at night.

Where to buy

I went to a cancer support meeting last month, and we spent a cheerful five minutes discussing Living Nature.  One girl was a Kiwi, and astonished that so many of us in London knew all about her favourite brand!  So we had a light-hearted interval discussing what was important to so many of us – with the men listening in!  We assured them Living Nature make products suitable for male cancer patients too!

The products are available in the UK from Botanical Brands on 0845 250 8455, or

The body oil costs £24 for 100ml. Here’s a link to this product on the Botanical Brands website

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