IKEA shows NHS how to use technology

And mocks Apple

Sweden has a lot to offer us, from the

Karolinska Institute to IKEA

This YouTube video about a famous Swedish company

bears watching by NHS staff going mad for



NHS IT Systems

A rather important IT professor once explained that the reason the NHS IT system doesn’t work, is that the NHS decided to copy the US system, purchased the hardware, but couldn’t leave well alone and saved money on buying cheap Software.

And so it’s never worked properly.


Instead of trying to make the system work, the backroom boys are let out to wreak more havoc.  But forget about Apps, IT, NHS computer system – all the technology that makes highly-esteemed Consultants thump their desks in frustration, as their computer goes slowly, can’t find the your scan, or just gives up.

Instead, copy IKEA.  They have come up with s revolutionary idea – a BOOK!

All is explained in the video.

Simple for everyone to use;  can be carried around b patient, presented to GP, Consultant, Physio – in fact anyone who needs to know what is going on with YOUR tests, scans, treatment, medicines IMMEDIATELY and NO waiting.

One thing they don’t mention

Disabled access.Enigma Lightweight Aluminium

I bought an Apple lap top;  i suspected it was s Friday machine as it threw up all sorts of weird problems and Apple weren’t very sympathetic.  So I made an appointment to go and meet s Geek in their Regent Street store.  Had to make this eight days before, as Apple ssiid they wanted to make sure I spoke to right person.

Decided to struggle on foot – which was a BIG mistake.  As I arrievd there was a long queue, and Geek in charge told me I would only have to wait 20 minutes or so.  Nowhere to sit down, and was allocated a Geekeho expected me to stand – finally got the message and proudly showed me to a bar stool where I was expected to perch.

This wasn’t going to work – so Eureka moment!  Geek showed me to cinema seat where he crouched in aisle whilst another Geek was giving a presentation about iPHones.  She glared at us making noise in back row – so finally penny dropped, and my Geek rushed off into back regions, coming back proudly wheeling an office chair.

We finally sat down – when along came officious clipboard carrier to tell me my time was up.

Would much rather have the IKEA approach, that tells me I can leaf through book – well, see for yourself! 


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