New Year Resolution

Forget about do-good resolutions

Indulge yourself flowers

– you KNOW it’s good for you!

If you are looked after by the British NHS, you have probably encountered the charming doctor who thinks worrying about your skin is all nonsense.  Asking for a cream to sooth your compromised skin, produces a patronising “you could try this” and a suggestion to use an old-fashioned gunky pot of thick gunge.

Throw it away the gunk, and indulge yourself.  Anything is bound to be better than those “creams” the NHS tried to fob off on me, and if you are suffering from winter “skin” with a rough face, try a gentle exfoliator, such as Elemis’s Gentle Rose Exfoliator.elemis

Just before Christmas, winter winds started their annual assualt of my face;  I had rough, bumpy and stretched skin, especially on my cheeks – so it was out with the exfoliator every morning when I took my shower. This had come as part of one of Elemis’s superb value special offers, and now was time to use it.

It contains rose, and I know that has antiseptic properties as well as smelling nice – what’s not to like!

Over Christmas, people remarked “you do look well”.  My skin was smooth again, and this made me feel miles better.  And currently Elemis have a New Year sale, with the exfoliator on offer.

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