NHS WASTING MILLIONS – so tries to blame patients for bad housekeeping

We need to WAKE UP

And challenge the Government’s spending.  desktop

Get a few housewives with guarded purses to manage NHS finances – or, revolutionary idea – bring in a few old-fashioned Matrons. Because behind our backs, secretly, Dept. Health are wasting millions of NHS/OUR money. Whistleblowers (how the Dept. Health hates them) have found So much money is spent by NHS, this could fund three major hospitals. Jeremy Hunt, our Minister of Health, may look relaxed here – but ;oes he care?  Enough to do something?  Not just blame us for missing appointments (Doctors tell me they love these – they can get on with paperwork ………. Headlines in daily Press

scream when the NHS is found wasting OUR money.  These brings up scare stories – from delaying cancer diagnosis (whose fault is that?) to over-prescribing drugs (well, we can’t write out the a prescriptions). nhsGo to a GP in another country with symptoms that might be cancer-related, and immediately you are sent for tests.  Their health services act on the principle that prevention is best, then you don’t waste money further down the line.  NHS likes to wait and see, and for some that is too late. Jeremy, you’d better justify your salary and come up with better excuses.

NHS Consultants rake in up to £4,000 a day

NO – not the Consultants we consult in Hospital.  These Consultants are free-lances (usually hyped up by their company’s PR team)  who have managed to jump on a very profitable gravy train. Recent comment in the media highlighted  ‘Racketeer’ management consultants jumping from one £4000-a-day NHS job to anotheA

At one time I used to do Consultancy for a Ministry – on a subject of which I knew quite a bit.  When I was offered other Consultant jobs at different Ministries, I turned them down, saying I wasn’t an expert – only to be told “that doesn’t matter – you know how to write a report”.  In other words I knew where the Buzz words were to be placed to satisfy the idiotic demands from Ministers.

A Professor has compared these Consultants to ‘arms dealers’.  Expenditure on such advisers has more than doubled to £640 million per year just at the Dept. Health.. But fear not, the Daily Mail trumpets “Government had promised to ‘slash’ amount NHS spends on consultants.  And pigs might fly.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2867866/Management-consultants-one-4k-day-NHS-job-another.html#ixzz3LYmDVSzo

Shame has forced one economy cut

The pathetic National Cancer Survivors Initiative website has been quietly withdrawn.  Hooray!!!! Developed by ‘Consultants’ instead of those in the know (Patients, Oncologists, Nurses, etc).  although most GPs have never heard of this site that was supposedly developed for them!

But how much did site cost before the egotists finally got the message that for a medical advisory Government-funded website it was CXXP?

And NHS doctors dare tell us we shouldn’t consult the Internet.  They should alter this to say we shouldn’t read their websites.

I have voiced concerns over NHS Choices website; had to get World Health Organisation to make  them alter mis-information about Rabies (no, they wouldn’t take my word, even though I consulted for one of vaccine manufacturers, write on this for various medical magazines, and have been bitten by a rabid dog).

Currently am having issues with information – or lack of – on Polio;  another condition on which I have knowledge.  There are probably over half a million ex-polio survivors in UK, yet the only information on NHS Choices concerns Post Polio Syndrome.  A condition that develops in a minority.


When you find a website you TRUST – refer to that.  And you can cite National Cancer Survivors’ site as an example, of why you trust U.S. medical websites over the NHS’s own. Me?  I rely on official American  websites:  ASCO, MD Anderson, Dana-Farber, Mayo etc.

Go on those, and then compare with NHS ones.  Sadly, there is no comparison.  But because ours are British, the NHS thinks their out-of-date advice and information is all that we should need.

Bring in Mother or Matron – don’t care which) but either is bound to a better job than any of the target-hunting idiots in the Dept. Health who don’t live in real world

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