USA’s Mayo Clinic helps Brits with cancer survivorship check list for treatment information

Mayo Clinic in US comes up with practical help

BUT  NHS website fails

In the States, US Oncologists realise that many of us undergoing cancer treatment have long-term side Mayoeffects from the drugs – research says some side effects may not appear until years after we finish treatment .

Major American cancer clinics and centres have addressed this, and constantly come up with useful informatio;  reading their web pages gives us a feeling that we are not alone + some useful information – Thanks Guys,

Latest hospital to offer sensible advice is the Mayo Clinic, and we don’t need to be a patient to take advantage of their research.Mayo Clinic

The giant American Mayo Clinic has researched long-term ‘late effects’ – look on

Mayo sent me the link below – in case the above link doesn’t work for you.!

This is a basic guide, with simple instructions.  In “my” day doctors just didn’t know about side effects, so we found ourselves being dismissed, marked down as complainers, time-wasters etc.  But luckily things are far better now – but I wish I had had the Mayo guide as a starter with its basic, simple advice.


Just about everyone complains about Fatigue and Hot Flushes.  Most Nurses have soveerign remedies tors Flushes, and the Mayo has some good advice on handling Fatigur:

What happened in Britain

In 2007 it was becoming clear that drugs we were on, such as the British-developed Tamoxifen, were helping us live longer, but giving us chronic long-term medical conditions,  So our state-operated National Health Service went in to partnership with cancer charity Macmillan and set ps a website  This had no information for patients, but was designed for doctors who apparently never read it – so it has quietly been closed down.

But in a brilliant example of Politician-speak, you would never know this.  The Home page has reams of kerfuffle but no apology for wasting taxpayers’ money, when it would have been simple just to post the addresses of websites that could help, such as ASCO, Mayo, Dana-Farber, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, etc.  LL

Britain used to lead the medical world, from Hunter, Nightingale, Lister, Flemming – and so many more.  But beware – let politicians anywhere near mass medicine, and you end up with our current NHS, spending the equivalent of operating costs of three major hospitals to employ PR Consultants, and some patients waiting on trolleys (gurneys) for attention in Accident and Emergency departments for more than 24 hours.

What about YOU?

Wherever you live, in whichever country, if you think your nasty symptoms might be down to long term drug side effects, go to the Contacts category – see panel on right – and search for helpful websites.

And Gook – don’t give up!


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2 thoughts on “USA’s Mayo Clinic helps Brits with cancer survivorship check list for treatment information

  1. eminem December 13, 2014 at 1:29 am Reply

    It’s great that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as from our discussion made at this time.

  2. veriterc December 17, 2014 at 9:29 am Reply

    Thanks – we cancer survivors in Britain have a lot to thank US cancer centres such as Mayo – we have nothing so up-to-dare here

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