Cancer Charities get organised and Chat with a purpose

Election is hotting things up –

and charities realise Survivors need supporting!

It’s surprising how a forthcoming Election galvanises people into action – and now that Cancer Charities want us to go out and ‘fight’ for what is needed – they are realising that it is survivors who are most passionate about changing things for the better. and sp there is a feeling that WE are useful – which thry knew – but perhaps giving us support will mean we are keener!  .Macmillan

This logo on the left is an old one – but really says what next year is all about. Electioneering!

Charities are going all out to get politicians activated. George Osbourne has been targeted by 38 Degrees, the online petition campaigners, and made to cough up  £2billion for  front-line NHS services.  He needs to be kept at it, as already there are signs that the money is coming out of another budget


CRUKThis Charity really wants us to know where and how it spends our money, and are excellent at telling us.  Every few months it invites some of us to a meeting, where we are kept up-to-date with what is going on.

Recently they held another of these meetings, and we were treated to excellent presentations by Monica Jefford, their Patient Involvement Officer, on what they were doing.  Gratifying thing is they ask us on what we think they should spend funds raised.  And even more gratifying, after the recent meeting I recognised some of the points and suggestions we had made at the last meeting;  even more satisfying there was proof that CRUK had taken on board what we had suggested.

Social cmtemt

At the first of these meetings I went to, I met three other like-minded survivors, and we still meet up for regular lunches – lots of laughs, but we do sometimes get down to serious matters.  As  we did when Kris Martindale talked us through research CRUK is doing.  I know that this is highly regarded around the world, and CRUK is one of the few UK Institutions that is genuinely a world-leader.  Even so, I think most of us were genuinely surprised to be told that CRUK is the largest charitable funder or cancer research in the world:  last year their spend was in the high £300millions,

Then we had to sing for our lunch, as Ellie Wheeler talked us through CRUK’s Grand Challenge,  This is a really exciting project, and see more on their website.

All thanks to Shehla Javed and the team for coming in on a Saturday to give us all a stimulating day, where we felt that we were being consulted;  as usual I got in my bit about helping survivors with long-term side effects, and cross fingers more is being done.  We met up with Cancer Campaign Ambassador Tony Selman, who certainly is making sure our voice is heard.

Macmillan joins with SWARMwe-are-macmillan-green

and ran a very lively and thought-provoking meeting on a grey Saturday in London – quite livened up the day!  Format was we all sat round at tables, but with this one we were encouraged to move around.  Result was when we were tasked to come up with ideas there were some corkers!

As a Survivor, I have decided that I am not alone – others have problems with on=going cancer drug side effects, and it is time that we got some attention – and I met up with others who had the same idea.  Upshot is that we will probably meet up at other events, and SWARM hopefully will give us a chance to do this.

There was one survivor who had been treated at a fantastic sounding centre in Los Angeles, where Complimentary Therapies were on tap without waiting.  If you want to go green with envy (Macmillan green of course!) look on

Life is getting interesting – for once I am really looking forward to Electioneering!

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