Jaw Jaw and the Minister

Basic hospital mistakes in England cost the NHS

up to £2.5bn a year, admits Health Minister.desktop

NHS could afford to hire more nurses, if errors were cut out, according to Health Minister Jeremy Hunt’s calculations.  During a speech in Birmingham he admitted costs were incurred through problems like medication errors, avoidable infections after surgery, pressure sores, etc.

And last year the NHS spent £1.3bn on pay-outs on litigation,countering  poor care, etc., and Andrew Lansley’s massive re-organisation of the NHS is estimated to have cost about £10billion. Now there is widespread recognition that this was a massive waste, for no overall benefit – just extended waiting lists, more people forced to go privately, 6 months wait for a pain clinic appointment and so on.

A spokesman for the Royal College of Nursing said mistakes were the result of understaffed wards.  The nurses were doing an excellent job, but no-one listened to them and what was needed.  Now there are even less to point out what needs to be done. 

Do we live under Communism?

Those who remember life behind the Iron Curtain might recognise old systems:  general population fed propaganda, told they had best system in world, top officials being fast-tracked, etc.   Meanwhile trying to gloss over problems by using politics.

Hunt was elected as an MP – so why doesn’t he get on and fix the problems, instead of talk, talk, talking about them?   Oh, and giving David Cameron ammunition so he can hurl insults over the floor of the House of Commons at the Opposition.  Don’t Politicians realise we are sick of their posturing? We are fed up with political point scoring, and need sensible action.

We all realise the NHS is in dire straights, as was the Economy after the last Election. But George Osbourne was brave enough to put in place measures that Mr. and Mrs. Voter realised had to be done – and now Britain has a thriving economy.  The public will accept sensible measures, but when I was prescribed THREE boxes of 100 pills each, when I just needed to get over a short-term problem with osteoporosis pain, I queried it – and was told “it’s there, so you might as well take them”.

But Hunt – all he can do is mouth platitudes, and say “I want every nurse in the country to understand that if we work together to make the NHS the safest healthcare organisation in the world, we could potentially release resources for additional nurses, additional training, and additional time to care…

Bit of an insult to all those hard-working staff who would like to give good care, and despair of the way their hospital is being run, but not daring to be identified as a whistleblower.

Perhaps it hasn’t occured to Hunt and his co-horts that if you keep on cutting front-line staff, errors are bound to happen? They seem to think we are running a system similar to many regimes behind the Iron Curtain, where politicians postured, nothing much was achieved, but when things got dire money was produced.  Under Communism, if you were in charge, and made a mistake, you just got someone in the Ministry to hand over more cash. As long as you were in charge, you were never accountable and none of the peasants (a.k.a. population) dared suggest things might be run differently.

So if you know money is being wasted

now is the time to get something done about it.   DON’T even think of complaining to your hospital.  The NHS has a massive section dealing with legal matters, who are experts at fobbng you off.  Instead, this is the ideal time to tackle your prospective MPs. They desperately  want your vote and are keen to be seen helping. The NHS is sacred to the great British public, so will rate highly for voters’ Brownie points.  Better still, get a few friends to write on the same subject, and somethng might well be done.

But be warned – come next June all will be forgotten.  So get in quickly!



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