Does NHS make you lose will to live? Follow my example and counter with a little Luxury

Struggling with NHS bureacracy zaps will to live

So reward yourself

Neom – one of my favourite brands, has come up with a lovely Body Oil. Just in time to calm me down after 2 days battling the NHS for check-ups.

And no snotty-nosed friend or nurse neom2can possible object to it – the name says it all:  Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood Body Oil.  So if they say you shouldn’t use perfumed products, tell them Lavender was used as an antiseptic in military hospitals in WWI – so there!

As I smoothed this on after showers, it calmed me down.  And boy, was I simmering.  24 hours spent going round-and-round the NHS system, when I suddently found I hadn’t received recommended annual post-cancer check-ups, had driven me crazy,  NHS England sent me off to PALS, CCGs – and any organisation they could fob me off to.

What horrified me was the way none of these organisations kept current telephone numbers, or sent me to wrong place, assuring me they were giving me correct number.

The Daily Mail commented “if the politicians care about the NHS, they need to stop lying about its future viability – and start an urgent debate on whether a monolithic system, run almost entirely by the State, is the most efficient and compassionate way to deliver this coungry’s ever more complex and expensive healthcare needs”

SO before I really go mad – I am using some favourite creams to sooth me – and my stressed skin.  Every time NHS England gives me yet another wrong number, tells me to waste my time calling what is usually a defunct office, or tells me “we don’t have the number, but you can go on the Internet to find it”, I will go off and rub something into my skin – and by Christmas I should have best skin in England!

And lovely Amanda Barlow of Spiezia Organics going to help me! Spiezia makes all kinds of sensible, soothing organic skincare, such as their Soothing Body Balm – ideal for doing just wot it says.

Amanda Barlow - one of organisers and co-founder

Amanda Barlow – one of organisers and co-founder

Currently I am slapping on Spiezia’s Rose and Vanilla Face Oil.  Roses are anotherold remedy that has been used for centuries, and makes sense to use it.

So each time I feel like slamming down the phone, when I get another NHS ‘official;’ denying all knowledge of what I need to know, off I go to the bedroom to slap on the Rise Oil.  Really, this stuff should be issued on prescription, as it must be keeping my blood pressure down.

But in the run-up to the Election, I can see the various Politicians posturing and posing, all trying to show that THEY and THEIR party is THE one that really cares about the NHS.  If David Cameron poses once more at the Despatch Box, vosing he want to save the NHS because it was so good to his family, I will do something!  Yes, I was helping a friend try and get treatment for their child, whilst Cameron had a desperate time with his.  The only difference was he was probably seen straight away in A & E;  my friend had to take her turn, then wait months for follow-up tests, etc.

I do hate the way the NHS is being used as a political football to score points, when everyone knows the people that work in it neeed to be listened to, and stop having to waste their time on evaluations, targets, new initiatives and all the other political mumbo-jumbo.

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