Gluten-free foods here to stay

More choice for Gluten-free mealsVerite3

Supermarkets have at last woken up to shoppers’ needs, and aisles devoted to ‘free from’ food have expanded.

And for those who feel too tired to cook, you don’t have to compromise – you can now buy Gluten-free ready made pies in major stores.  I was delighted to find delicious Beef and Mushroom and Chicken and Leek pies available locally, which just had to be popped in the oven or microwave – and eaten.

‘Feel Free’ foods

Feel Free Company founder Sally Allister says “after working within the catering industry for over 15 years, being diagnosed as wheat and gluten intolerant was a life changing experience”.  So she set about helping develop suitable meals to give variety, quality and choice to customers needing suitable foods.  Then sensibly realised that there was a market out there needing the same food.

Trying  out the pies, I was fe

eling really tired after a day spent just sitting in the local Outpatients – they had managed to lose my notes.  Expecting me to go home and return at another time, I knew this would mean at least a 3-month wait, so dug in my toes and waited.  These notes were ‘found’ eventually, but by the time I got home I was tired, hungry – and not looking forward to cooking.  But waiting in the fridge was a ‘Feel Free’ box;  all I had to do was open it and pop one of the pies into the oven.  30 minutes later I was sitting down and relaxing.  The fact that it was delicious was a bonus, and I didn’t have to worry about the ingredients being gluten-free.  Bliss!

More information

Try their Helpline on 08000 141998


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