Helplines and helpful web addresses


The web has useful information –

where survivors can find itlap top 2

Doctors often dismiss information on the web, and when you look up the NHS’s National Cancer Survivors’ Initiative site, you can see why.  Set up by Dept. Health  “Consultants”, it is pathetic.  But, there is excellent help out there, both with tons of useful  information, and pointers to excellent Helplines.

Some of my favourites are:


Breast Cancer Care                                               0808-800-6000

Cancer Research UK                                              0800-800-4040

(This Charity is highly rated by Professionals around the world)

Prostate  Cancer                                                   0800-074-8383

(Although dealing with a male cancer, they have very helpful information about drugs and handling side effects)                                                   0808800 00 00

(They published a report “Cured but at what cost” which finally acknowledged that we DO suffer from long-term cancer drug side effects, even years after we stop taking drugs.  They said 1/2 million suffer on-going side effects from Tamoxifen alone.  But in typical British fashion, don’t make any recommendations about what can be done to help!)

American Cancer Centers

When you go onto one of the following sites, you can see why US care is streets ahead.  The sites are all different, but very informative, and all acknowledge nasty on-going problems – something that UK tries to brush under carpet.  Most have informative videos, which get eminent doctors talking in easy-to-understand language.

MD Anderson                                           

(Probably world’s top cancer treatment centre)


(They gave me incredible help via emails, and I didn’t have to pay a penny).

Johns Hopkins                                        

(World-recowned for research, and also publish easy-to-follow books on cancer)

Sloane Kettering                                      


(Charity has risen above scandal caused when founder, Lance Armstrong, was found out, and is now forging ahead with useful advice)

For more information, particularly re other overseas centres, see Contacts file




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