Dept. Health sends out “reassuring” statement

Anyone had problems recently re accessing

English: NHS logo

post-cancer treatment?

Just thought I would let friends know, I too have been having problems. So contacted Dept. Health to know what we is official line (in view of Laurence Dallagio’s recent statement slamming NHS cancer treatment, etc.) what was “official” stand.

Back came this delightful email from a  DH Spokesperson:

“While much of the Government’s focus has been on cancer survival, we have made it very clear that we need also to improve the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer.

We want the NHS to be amongst the best in Europe at supporting cancer survivors to live healthily and independently, with much better control over the care they receive.

“If people are not getting the treatment or services that they need from their GPs, they should follow the GP complaints process.”

So what’s the last para all about?

Well, if you have tried to raise complaints recently, you will know that the NHS has a well-organised procedure designed to send you round-and-round, tie you up in knots, leave you thinking you might have it all wrong, etc.  Upshot is 12 months after your original complaint you are no further forward – and still waiting for your treatment.

What can you do?

Simples.  If you start now, eventually prospective and sitting MPs are going to be so worried about their majority (don’t forget UKIP are chasing them) that they will have to do something.



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