Ever wonder why nothing seems to improve at your local hospital?

Even though another layer of

“Administration” is now in place?

The incomparable Roy Lilley has another gem on the nhsmanagers.net website, quoting from the HSJ :

“CQC hired inspectors who failed recruitment criteria in ‘flawed’ process”

English: NHS logo


What’s this to do with me?

You might well ask. When the NHS was “modernised”  (mucked-up), a new layer of Administrators was formed – the laughingly-named (Care Quality Commission).  This meant there was a job for all those Administrators whohad been made redundant, when the NHS was “modernised”  – once they had collected their redundancy pots

.So what’s happening?

As Mr. Lilley says, “the mighty, imperious, high-handed, holier-than-thou CQC have made an almighty  cock-up and it took assiduous journalism and the Freedom of Information Act to winkle it out.

Then goes on to give an extract from the HSJ (Health Servi ce Journal) story:

“The Care Quality Commission has admitted that scores of its inspectors were appointed despite falling short of its own recruitment standards, creating the risk that its regulatory judgements could be “impaired”.

So the official watchdog, which inspects thousands of health and social care organisations each year, employed 134 applicants in 2012 who ‘failed some or all of its recruitment activities’. Of that group 121 are still in post…”

Why not…?

Several of us on a LINk committee (before Lansley abolished them) suggested that instead of sending in over-paid “Consultants” to check on what needed to be done, hospitals LOOK at letters of complaint they receive. And take on board sensible suggerstions from patients, who have time to look around and see what needs to be done.

But the CQC – I bet  you  couldn’t make up whatever their terms of reference must be – doesn’t give one much hope that the NHS might have learnt something from the Mid- Staff senquiry, or others.



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