Tricks to making yourself look good

Making yourself look good

I have been bouncing around my local streets – which is a bit scary as I walk like a drunk due to Neuropathy – but neighbours are forgiving, particularly when they

1957 Vintage Beauty Ad, Woodbury Dry Skin Cream

see the broad grin on my face.

Why?  Because beauticians have been telling me I have nice skin – and when a nurse asked me for the dreaded Date of Birth – and then looked at me. raising her eyebrows and looked sceptical, I realised that my face was looking quite good.

This was a bonus, as the side effects of cancer drugs have played havoc with skin and face.

After-effects of Winter

As usual, winter + long-term side effects from cancer drugs had left me with grey, dull and ‘brillo-pad’ skin.  Nothing against brillo pads – I love use them like mad when washing up (yes, I burn things).  But you don’t want to use your face for scouring the pots and pans.

Up come the tricks

Which don’t cost much – except remembering to do them.

  • Cleansing night and day
  • Putting on face creams whenever i pass by the bathroom – three or four times a day  (use up all the bits left in bottom of jars, cut tubes so you can get out what’s inside, use up those sample envelopes – which are such a nuisance but too enticing/expensive to throw away)
  • Drinking more water – hydrating inside as well as out
  • Until sun gets strong, use last year’s anti-sun cream before you go out (unless your medics tell you otherwise).  I know that it is supposed to be past its sell-by date, but ….  articles now say it lasts longer than a year.

No need to buy expensive supplies

Hydrating_Gel_Mask_Bottle_Box_NR_146a9029-357c-45a8-b174-cf99f4bb49db_grande-2Most of us have drawers hiding innumerable samples – get them out and USE THEM!  You will be surprised how long they last, especially as many contain much more than a day’s supply – and they don’t go ‘off’ too quickly.

Bet you your skin will start to look better!  And if you  do want to buy more – Living Nature is very good value!

  •                                                                                         Is it worth it?
  •  Skin is our biggest organ
  • It’s an investment.  When I had a bout of the dreaded Cellulitis – it cleared up in record time because the skin was in good condition.
  • And who wants to have Mick Jagger’s face?



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