Aussies provide good after-cancer care

NICE approves Australian products

– Cancer survivors take advantage

flexitol_prescription_hand_balm_75g_carton_tube_right_0Flexitol Heel Balm and Hand Balm is medically approved treatments for dry, cracked feet and splitting nails and hands. These were recently reclassified as a medical device by the NHS BSA pricing prescription division, and are part of a range of skincare products developed to help patients ‘Down Under’.

This means YOU can get these on

prescription – FREE!

 In Australia, where they have an helpful approach to survivors’ problems caused by long-term cancer drug side-effects, doctors and cancer organisations work with each other to help us. LaCorium Health, the makers of Flexitol, have a pioneering approach to skincare formulations and manufacturing, continually researching new product ingredients and formulation blends.

Finally, in Britain, three of their products can be obtained on prescription.  Not many doctor know about this, so you may have to insist! I find it extraordinary that hospitals and cancer helplines still persist in offering us old-fashioned skin care – and if you are like me these often doesn’t work on my skin!  It was a moon-lighting Pharmacist (from the Marsden) who first told me about this, when he saw me buying expensive products to help my poor dry skin.

As soon as he told me I could get these on prescription, I realised that we can ask doctors to prescribe this; it was just a matter of making my GP look up the products in his copy of the BNF which is on every GP’s desk.  Or you can give them the code below, which is used by Pharmacists:

  • For the 75g prescription heel balm the pip code is 3341989
  • The 200g prescription heel balm pip code is 3341997.
  • The 75g prescription Flexitol Hand Balm pip code is 3791530

GP tried to make me pay

My GP didn’t want to do this, and arrogantly suggested I could pay for the Balms.  I ignored that comment, as my skincare needs cost a fortune, all caused by the drugs I was put on by him and his colleagues.

Cancer Nurses don’t seem to have been told about these products either, but they are helpful for diabetics, and their nurses seem much more clued up.  King’s College Hospital even had a special day for their Diabetes patients, with lots of samples – needless to say as a cancer patient I only heard about this afterwards!

Watch our for more innovative, helpful products from Australia, and well done! Let’s hope one day our Oncologists will get together with cancer research charities to give us survivors the same help and care that survivors get abroad.

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