Oil helps sun-dried Hair

New ‘magic oil’ helps cancer-straw hair

Dontcha just loooove those pompous Consultants we have to put up with!!!

Flowering (sweet) almond tree

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One gave me the invaluable tip to use Conditioner on my hair – didn’t like to tell him that ordinary commercial products are useless in the fight against what drugs does to our hair.

What works

No, what my cancer-drug stricken straw hair needs to restore its shine is one of the oils that have recently come on the market; they are the latest weapon in the armoury against dry hair.  And have been trying out Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil (100ml for £7.99). It’s truly a ‘Magic Oil’, with its blend of coconut, palm, sunflower, sweet almond, wheat germ and olive oils – all age-old remedies bought up-to-date. As they say, “the oil penetrates deep into the hair to create a protective and nurturing layer. Because of the special blend, the oil stays in the hair for longer than other hair oils”. Mashooq is totally compatible with all types of hair and can be used for daily maintenance to leave hair soft and shiny.

It can also be used for conditioning the hair prior to treatments such as perming, bleaching, colouring and highlighting.

So if you are having highlights done, or replacing the colour chemo drugs leach from our hair, rub some into your hair before doing this.

How to use

Use as a soak for 10-20 minutes before shampooing to rejuvenate and strengthen hair and add shine. Wrap the oiled hair in a hot towel or cover with a shower cap while soaking in the bath. Use sparingly – too much will be hard to shampoo out. For regular maintenance apply a little oil to damp hair before styling or after drying to help maintain the style. Alternatively use the oil to protect hair before treatments such as colouring, perming and bleaching. Apply the oil to the hair as above and apply chemical treatment at the end of the waiting period. The oil will protect the hair and scalp so removing the need for other protective barrier creams. You can buy this from www.mashooqhair.com


Created by hair consultant, Claudette Giovanni, she drew upon traditions she witnessed as a child in Jamaica to develop Mashooq Hair Oil. Growing up Claudette saw the women around her using plants growing around them to create hair and beauty products which were totally natural. Mashooq, which means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic, was created by Claudette to enable women in the UK to enjoy the benefits of 100% totally natural products as used by women in Jamaica. So is obviously good for Afro-Caribbean hair – as well as my European frizz

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